Breakthrough Clean Partners With Falkor Defense

Breakthrough Clean

Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Partners With Falkor Defense®

December 11th, 2015: ( – Breakthrough Clean Technologies® is proud to announce their partnership with firearms manufacturer, Falkor Defense ®. Falkor Defense® will be offering Breakthrough Clean Technologies® products with every firearm sold. Falkor Defense® has also implemented Breakthrough’s solvent, and lubricants to their manufacturing/ production process.

Falkor Defense® is best known for their innovations and unconventional AR rifle platforms including Patent Pending Mirrored Ambidextrous Controls as well as other Patent Pending features on their .300 Winchester Magnum AR.

“Falkor Defense is a revolutionary company that is testing the limits of what is currently known about rifle manufacturing, and going beyond it,” said Erick Navarro, CEO of Breakthrough Clean. “This allows us to also test the limits of our own products in ways that we thought were not possible, it will be a fun journey.”

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About Breakthrough Clean Technologies®: Breakthrough Clean Technologies is a subsidiary of the AvioTrade Group of companies, which specializes in the distribution of chemicals within the aerospace industry. AvioTrade has been in business over 12 years servicing major airlines, MRO’s and repair stations worldwide. Being gun enthusiasts, the owners of AvioTrade realized a growing need for having a more effective user-safe and eco-friendly cleaning solvent for the performance, protection, and maintenance of firearms. Utilizing their combined 50+years of aerospace chemical experience, access to the best solvent technology, and manufacturing resources specializing in environmental technology, AvioTrade Group brought Breakthrough® Military-Grade Firearm Cleaning Solvent to consumers. In 2014 Breakthrough released Battle Born Grease and Battle Born Oil, upholding the same standards of purity as found in Breakthrough. Breakthrough Clean advocates using state of the art research, processes, and the best chemists to provide the most effective and truly eco-friendly products to consumers around the world.

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About FALKOR Defense®: Richard Sonju, founder of Falkor Defense, fought for the United States of America in the Vietnam War. In 1978, now a Service-Disabled Veteran, he made his home in rugged, beautiful Montana and worked to draw upon his experience and abilities to create an innovative aerospace company, Sonju Industrial.

Following successful engineering growth in the defense and aerospace sectors, and drawing on Sonju Industrial’s first-hand experience in the field, the company followed a natural progression into firearms, forming S.I. Defense.

Using the same methods and processes that are used in the defense industry, and the technology and precision required in aerospace design, Falkor Defense rapidly became a symbol of innovation and quality standards.

Falkor Defense is proud to claim a history in the service of this country, and proud to continue to provide high quality weapons to our citizens that love and appreciate firearms, as well as all those who still serve and protect.