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Business Of Safety Highlighted In November Shooting Industry

( – With the continued rise of new gun owners joining the shooting sports community, stocking safety products have become very important for dealers — not only to enhance sales, but also to help educate this new wave of customers. In Shooting Industry’s November lead story on the safety product market, contributing editor Greg Staunton finds safety is a focal point for consumers.

“People want to be more responsible in firearms ownership today,” said Travis James, manager of The Arms Room in Dickinson, Texas. “They’re interested in knowing how to secure their guns, or what they should be concerned with when they go out to the range. And they’re willing to spend more money on better products.”

Gun Safety Products in Shooting Industry Magazine
Shooting Industry Magazine – November 2015

In “Air Apparent,” Kevin Russelburg probes dealers on how they’ve expanded sales in the rising airgun/airsoft sales category. Forward-thinking dealers are using these products as a way to introduce new shooters to the industry.

“We don’t necessarily offer this product category as a moneymaker, although we do get decent margins on the items we sell,” said Scott Peters, owner of RKA Gun Gallery in Plano, Ill. “The impact is minimal as a direct contribution to sales revenue, but is proving to be an important tool to attract new shooters and capturing future business.”

Additional topics in the November issue include a look at the profitable varmint hunting market, how a new women’s shotgun line with a “miracle stock” is providing a sales boost for dealers, an update on Honored American Veterans Afield’s (HAVA) family day impact and why dealers should measure their customers’ satisfaction levels to ensure they’re providing quality customer service.

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