Portable Target Stand

Portable Target Stand
P3 Ultimate Target Stand – Portable Target Stand

Last weekend we continued our testing of the P3 Ultimate Target Stand from CTK Precision. This portable target stand has become a staple of our range gear. It sets up in seconds, and can hold any size of paper or cardboard target. This is definitely a well-thought-out piece of range equipment!

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P3 Ultimate Target Stand Specs & Features:

  • Innovative clamping plates apply pressure to the furring strips over a large area, providing a firm grip and hold on the furring strips (not provided).
  • The 24″ angled legs provide a stable 4 point stance allowing the stand to be set up on uneven terrain.
  • The legs can be pushed into the ground to stabilize the stand without the need for a set of stakes.
  • The height of the main beam provides 3.5″ of clearance for uneven terrain, and is high enough to make use of sandbags as ballast if the ground is too hard to push the legs into.
  • Width easily adjusts. With a minimum width of 5″, it can handle just about any paper or cardboard target, from standard copy paper and up. And, there is no need for a target backer.
  • Sets up and breaks down in seconds. With large, easy to use knobs, there is no need for any tools. All you have to do is provide the furring strips.
  • Robust construction. Made from 14 gauge tubing and 3/8″ rod, it is a durable unit and has an equally durable E-coat finish.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Parts Included:
    • 2 Target Stand Support Legs
    • 2 Target Stand Support Braces
    • 4 Knobs
    • 4 Large Paper Target Clips

Get it now: P3 Ultimate Target Stand