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New Writers/Reviewers Added to Breach-Bang-Clear Cadre

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Freedom, OK 18 OCT 15

This message best read in Don LaFontaine’s voice

In an online magazine already full of badass writers and reviewers, two men stand apart…

Jeremy Stafford has joined the Breach-Bang-Clear team. Stafford is Marine Corps combat veteran and longtime member of the LAPD. There he serves as a Senior Firearms Instructor and one of only 2 departmental Firearms Subject Matter Experts. He is a Surefire Academy instructor, a mentor for local youth in a number of disciplines and continues to write for numerous publications (including Guns & Ammo, Book of the AR, Book of the AK, Surefire Combat Annual, Trigger, et al). Read about him here. Jeremy is the most recent team member we’ve added since Gunny “Norseman” Williams came aboard back in July.

Longtime Breach-Bang-Clear contributor Freddy Osuna has been added to the Alias Training & Consulting stable of instructors. In this role he joins such superb (and often storied) instructors as  Larry Vickers, Pat McNamara, Frank Proctor, etc. He continues to write and conduct reviews for us between his own courses at Greenside Training. You can read about that here.

Readership continues to grow, for which we are duly thankful (and for which we continue to work our ass off). Here are some of our more popular recent articles:

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We hope to hear from you soon. Meanwhile catch us online.

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