C Products Defense Special Edition Newsletter

C Products Defense – Special Edition 3rd Quarter Newsletter

Bradenton, FL – (ArmsVault.com) – The Special Edition 3rd Quarter Newsletter from C Products Defense was officially released this morning highlighting the strengths of America and the ideals that have made us strong.

“America was made strong based on the principle that society is better off when ordinary people are given the means and freedoms to achieve extraordinary goals.   In commemorating these freedoms, we here at C Products Defense are celebrating the 4th of July all summer long with our Special Edition 3rd Quarter Newsletter,” says company president Adel Jamil.

“This is a very upscale newsletter in a Flip Book format, complete with patriotic articles from our staff, videos, contests, trivia and even a Pop Quiz” adds Jamil.  “We wanted to make this a summer-long celebration.”

C Products Defense Special Edition Newsletter

The C Products Defense Newsletter is publication of CPD Nation which is a growing online community of Shooters, C Products Defense Fans, Law Enforcement types, Hunters, Friends and 2nd Amendment Supporters who celebrate the shooting sport industry.  Members of CPD Nation receive a quarterly newsletter about exciting news from C Products Defense, our products, the CPD Shooting Team, cutting-edge technology and 2nd Amendment news.

Individual and Corporate membership is free and supporters can sign up and access our Newsletter online at: www.CPDmags.com (click on CPD Nation).  Supporters can also sign up at the NRA, Shot Show or other events that are sponsored by C Products Defense.   There is also a monthly drawing for giveaways, t-shirts, ammo boxes and more.

You can also access the Newsletter direct by using the following link: http://www.tacticaltechtv.com/ftpbill/flipbook/CPDnewsletter/index.html

And remember. . . To add to our celebration, when a consumer purchases a C Products Defense Magazine this summer between July 1, 2015, and August 15, 2015, they will be entered into our Red, White and Blue Magazine Giveaway.   These are three C Product Defense Magazines, of their choice, that have been customized in a special CPD Patriotic Camouflage by Custom Digital Designs,” states Jamil.   All they need to do is to mail or email a copy of their purchase to us, along with their name and address to be entered into the contest.   The drawing for the lucky winner will be held on August 28th.

C Products Defense is America’s family-owned magazine manufacturer using raw materials sourced in America, made in America and guaranteed never to jam.   A major firearm manufacturer recently fired over 100,000 continuous rounds through a C Products Defense magazine with zero failures, eclipsing the performance of all other competitors.  You can learn more about the testing online at: www.CPDmags.com.