Browning 1918 Automatic Rifle (BAR) Armorer’s Course

AGI Announces New Armorer’s Course on BAR Rifles

Browning 1918 Automatic Rifle - BAR

Napa, Ca. (July 2015) – ( – American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI), producers of the most authoritative Gunsmithing DVD courses, is pleased to offer owners of the BAR rifle a new Technical Manual & Armorer’s Course on the design, function, disassembly and reassembly  of the Browning 1918 Automatic Rifle (BAR) with renowned armorer and international military firearms expert John Bush. This course is applicable to all BAR models, including Ohio Ordnance’s Semi-Auto A3.

Clyde Barrow and his BAR rifle
Clyde Barrow and his BAR rifle

“The Browning 1918 Automatic Rifle is truly a unique gun that shaped the course of history. It helped defeat the Nazis in WWII, fight the Viet Cong in Southeast Asia and was even used by the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. Our BAR Armorer’s course will teach any BAR enthusiast how to maintain and care for this fine rifle,” said Gene Kelly, president and founder of AGI.

Owners of BAR rifles can learn step-by-step how these rifles are designed, how they function, how to disassemble and reassemble them, clean and lube the rifle, as well as common errors to avoid during reassembly. 

Preview of the Browning 1918 Automatic Rifle (BAR) Armorer’s Course

Bush will also go over how the lock-up, feeding/extraction/ejection cycle, gas and fire control systems work. Bush will discuss the history of the rifle from World War I until present and even use unique teaching tools like a clip from a World War II BAR training film, as well as a U.S. Naval training device. Differences between the semi-auto A3 and the full-auto version will also be discussed.

This course retails for $39.95. To purchase the BAR course, rifle enthusiasts can visit:

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