Lucky Gunner Ammo – Fast Shipping

If long wait times keep you from buying ammo online, I have good news for you. When you place your ammo order at Lucky Gunner, they don’t mess around!

Lucky Gunner Ammo

Last Friday I placed an order for 500 rounds of .223 and 150 rounds of 9mm. The order shipped the same day and arrived the following Monday (today).

If you aren’t yet familiar with Lucky Gunner, all the ammo you see on their site is in stock. They even display an inventory number that tells you how much is currently available.

Want to know when your ammunition order will ship? Just check out the guide on the side of their website. It tells you when your order will ship, based on the time of day the order is placed. Simple!

Thanks to Lucky Gunner for the great service!

Lucky Gunner