Aimpoint Micro H-2 Sight


New sight provides additional features and enhanced performance for hunters

Chantilly, VA – May 11, 2015 – Aimpoint, the originator and world leader in electronic red dot sighting technology for forty years, has announced the addition of the new Micro H-2 sight to the company’s commercial product line. The Micro H-2 will be available for shipment in August 2015, and will be offered alongside the company’s existing Micro H-1 product.

Aimpoint Micro H-2
Aimpoint Micro H-2

Since its introduction in 2007, the Aimpoint Micro sight has become a popular hunting sight worldwide due to its lightweight and compact size, durability, and extremely long battery life. Product reviews with hunters and sport shooters identified a series of desired product enhancements that have now been added to this new product. These changes include: a new sight housing which allows the addition of front and rear protective flip covers, additional physical protection for the sight’s adjustment turrets, and increased ruggedness for the sight’s internal electronic components.

The most significant developments in the Micro H-2 however, are the advanced optical lenses that allow for even better light transmission and provide a noticeable increase in the clarity and performance properties of the sight. This ensures a more distinct and clearer dot in all conditions and situations.

“The Aimpoint Micro has become the worldwide standard for compact reflex sights” says Matt Swenson, Vice President of Sales. “With the sight’s new design, the Micro H-2 takes the level of performance available from a compact sight to an entirely new level.”

The Micro H-2 can be mounted on nearly any rifle, shotgun, handgun or crossbow, and can be used with most existing mounts that fit the Micro H-1 including the Blaser saddle mount.  The sight can also be mounted to a larger magnified scope with a 30mm or 34mm scope adapter giving the hunter ability to hunt at both short and long distances while providing faster target acquisition. The Micro H-2 can operate for up to five years of constant-on use, using just one CR-2032 battery, and is waterproof.

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Aimpoint Micro H-2 Technical Specs:

    • Hunters: Primary use
    • IPSC Shooters: Primary use
    • Law Enforcement: Primary use
    • Pistol – Revolver: Primary use
    • Compound Bow/Cross Bow: Primary use
    • Magnum handgun: Primary use
    • Semi-automatic rifle: Primary use
    • Rifle with standard length action: Primary use
    • Rifle with shorter action: Primary use
    • Scout rifle: Primary use
    • Shotgun: Primary use
    • ACET : Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology
    • Reflex Collimator sight: Red dot sight
    • LED (Light Emitting Diode): Totally eye-safe
    • Red dot size: 2 MOA*
    • Parallax-free: No centering required
    • Eye relief: Unlimited
    • Anti-reflex coating & multilayer coating: All surfaces
    • Magnification: 1X
    • Battery type: One 3V Lithium battery, type CR2032
    • Battery life: 50,000** hours
    • Dot intensity regulator: Mechanical switch
    • Brightness settings: 1 off and 12 daylight settings of which one extra bright
    • Material housing: Extruded high strength aluminum
    • Surface finish: Anodized, semi-matte
    • Color: Black
    • Material lens covers: Rubber, black, matte
    • Adjustment: 1 click = 13 mm at 100 meters = 1/2” at 100 yards
    • Mounting solution: Integrated Weaver rail mount
    • Temperature range: -30° – +60° C (-20° – +140° F)
    • Water resistance: Submersible to 5 m, (15 ft)
    • Radioactive components used: None
    • Length x width x height (sight only): 68 mm x 41 mm x 36 mm , (2.7”x 1.6”x 1.4”)
    • Length x width x height (sight with Mount & Flip-up lens covers): 77 mm x 42 mm x 46 mm , (3”x 1.6”x 1.8”)
    • Width/height – including mount: 62 x 41 mm, (2,4” x 1,6”)
    • Weight – sight only: 93 g, (3.3 oz)
    • Weight sight with integrated mount & Flip-Covers: 136 g, (4.8 oz)
    • 200185

* MOA (minute of angle) 1 MOA 30 mm at 100 meters = 1’’ at 100 yards

** At room temperature