Gun Pro Introduces New Sights and Magazines

Gun Pro Introduces Two New Innovations to the Gun Industry

Introducing the All New Delta 1 Sights and Sure Fire Anti Nose-Dive Magazine

Gun Pro’s first new product, it’s Delta 1 Sights®, comprise of a front and rear sight used on firearms that features a SINGLE POINT of sight that requires little or no mental estimation while providing a more open sight picture.

Gun Pro Delta 1 Sights
Gun Pro Delta 1 Sights

With the alignment of present “iron sights” available today, their use is a timely, inaccurate process due to the requirement of lining up three points of a sight picture; i.e. the vertical alignment of the front sight post with both sides of the notch in the rear sight blade and the horizontal alignment of the top of the front sight post with the top of the rear sight blade. This timely process inhibits quick and accurate acquisition of the intended target. Additionally, because the old sight design is of large mass and opaque in structure, it tends to obscure the view of portions of the intended target and/or the area surrounding the target, thereby further inhibiting quick and accurate acquisition of a target especially when a shooter or target is moving.

A special feature of Gun Pro’s carefully engineered Delta 1 Sights ® is a gun sight that utilizes vernier acuity, which allows for an extremely accurate SINGLE POINT sight alignment.

Gun Pro’s™ second new innovated product, it’s Sure Fire™ Anti Nose-Dive stainless magazines, are made right here in the USA of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. The Sure Fire™ magazine, with the new “Nose-Dive Control Spring,” increases reliability in ALL single stack 1911 pistols using standard RN or HP FMJ bullets. Polished fitted tube, spring and follower provides smooth feeding while the newly patent pending Nose-Dive Control Spring offers reliable feeding angles from the first through the last round chambered. Our Gun Pro™ magazines are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest quality that you deserve in an essential part of your firearm.

Coming Soon:   .45 ACP 6 Round Compact / Officer’s with more to follow.

Gun Pro, LLC

Gun Pro™, located in St. Louis, MO, will continue to be recognized as the most innovative, customer-driven company in the shooting and personal defense industry. Our goal is to deliver uncompromising ingenuity and quality to meet our customers’ expectations and stay far in front of our competitors in new technology and vision.