Armalite Names UF Gators 3-Gun Team to Ambassador Program

Armalite Names the University of Florida 3-Gun Team to Ambassador Program

(Geneseo, IL – April 22, 2015) Armalite is proud to announce its addition of the University of Florida 3-Gun Team to its Ambassador Program for the 2015 shooting season.

Founded by four members of the Gator Pistol Team in mid-2014, the University of Florida 3-Gun Team competes in multi-gun and pistol matches throughout the East Coast. They are a fully functioning club with weekly practices at the Gainesville Target Range. Shortly after banding together, the team made a splash on the 3-gun circuit with several members placing in the Top 5 in their division in major matches. The 2015 team members are: Evan Doss (Captain), James Nguyen, Jeff Simons, Justin Stephens and Steven Bottcher (Coach). The team currently has major matches scheduled in Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia and Arkansas.

2015 University of Florida 3Gun Team
2015 University of Florida 3Gun Team

The University of Florida Gators 3-Gun Team was chosen as Ambassadors of Armalite because of their goal to generate awareness of the shooting sports among young shooters, educate the public on firearm safety and grow the sport by creating a collegiate 3-gun series for college aged 3-gunners.

“Armalite is honored to be on the leading edge of the introduction of 3-gun at the collegiate level,” said Tommy Thacker, President of Armalite. “This partnership shows that we are dedicated to growing the sport across all levels of competition. We are hoping that this team will help educate other schools and bring more shooting programs to the forefront of the programs.”

The Gators will be using Armalite’s M153GN18 rifles this season. Be sure to look for these guys on a range or at an event year you!

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