AB Arms Sponsors Kenn Blanchard Radio Show

American Built Arms Sponsors Brand New Radio Show,
Blanchard Outdoors

Glen Rock, Pa. (February 2015) – American Built Arms Company, a veteran-owned, built in the U.S.A., manufacturer of firearms and firearms parts and accessories, has partnered with Kenn Blanchard and his new live radio show Blanchard Outdoors.

“We love that Kenn brings years of experience to the outdoor and firearm’s industry and that he wants to bring the joy of the outdoor lifestyle to those who might not have experienced it before. We think this is a great cause and we wanted to help him make it happen,” said Adam Edelman, Co-owner of American Built Arms.

Kenn Blanchard
Kenn Blanchard

Kenn Blanchard is known for his popular podcast “Black Man with a Gun,” which has been downloaded over 1.3 million times. With Blanchard Outdoors, Blanchard looks to transition from podcast to broadcast. Blanchard wants to use this opportunity to share his love of the outdoors with others and help get people out of the confines of cities and into the wide-open spaces the outdoors provide. The show will feature several co-hosts and a team of expert hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen sharing their stories, tips and “how to’s.”

“I wanted to be associated with American Built Arms.  I was overjoyed when they agreed to partner with me to launch my new radio show, Blanchard Outdoors.  I really connected with them when we first met. The guys at American Built Arms are cool, innovative and dynamic. They can make almost any firearm related thing you can imagine. I’m grateful that they are making my dream of broadcasting my own outdoors show a reality,” said Blanchard.

The show will be streamed live on the online radio station WBGR Network. It will also be recorded and listeners can download it as a podcast. The show will launch in March 2015.

To learn more about American Built Arms, please visit www.abarms.com.

To learn more about Kenn Blanchard and the Blanchard Outdoors radio show, visit www.blanchardoutdoors.com.

About American Built Arms Company:

American Built Arms Company is a veteran owned, Type 07 U.S. Manufacturer of firearms and firearm parts for the civilian, law enforcement and defense industries. A*B Arm’s philosophy is “build it in the USA” and “build it better, build it stronger, because lives are on the line.” Based in Glen Rock, PA, American Built Arms Company markets and sells its A*B Arms brand of high-end products through a network of dealers, distributors and OEM manufacturers. To learn more about the American Built Arms Company, please contact customer service at customerservice@abarms.com or visit the website at www.abarms.com.

About Kenn Blanchard

Kenn Blanchard is a former marine who loves riding motorcycles, hunting, fishing and appreciating the great outdoors. Kenn loves guns and has been in almost every job that you can think of that requires a firearm. Blanchard first began sharing his love of the outdoors and firearms with others through his popular podcast “Black Man with a Gun,” which has been downloaded over 1.3 million times. His new radio show Blanchard Outdoors seeks to bring the joys of outdoor living and recreation to an even larger group of people.