Walkers Game Ear Ultimate Digital Quad Connect


Bluetooth™ Sync With Mobile Devices

Walker’s® Game Ear®, the shooting and hunting industry pioneer in hearing protection, introduces the Ultimate Digital Quad Connect. This ear protection device offers state of the art digital technology including Bluetooth™ wireless, adjustable frequency tuning, up to nine times hearing enhancement, and sound activated compression.  Through the use of sound dampening composite material, Walkers new Ultimate series muffs have reached an unmatched noise reduction rating of 27dB.

Walkers Game Ear Ultimate Digital Quad Connect
Walker’s Game Ear Ultimate Digital Quad Connect

Walker’s Game Ear is leading the ear protection industry by applying everyday technology that individuals use on a daily basis into their products. The Ultimate Digital Quad Connect features Bluetooth™ sync capabilities allowing connection to mobile devices without sacrificing hearing protection while in the field. The integrated communication microphone provides clear voice transmission to mobile devices while the four Hi Gain Omni Directional Microphones pick up distant sounds of animal movements or range activity. The Ultimate Digital Quad Connect is low noise/frequency tuned for natural sound clarity with independent volume control and adjustable frequency tuning.

The Ultimate Digital Quad Connect has a compact folding design for easy transportation and storage. A soft padded headband provides all-day comfort and the structural integrity of the device is enhanced with a metal wire frame. This hearing protection/detection device has a sound dampening composite housing and low profile ear cups. The Sound Activated Compression (SAC) is rated at 0.02-second reaction time and operates on two ‘AAA’ batteries.

Ultimate Digital Quad Connect:

  • Bluetooth sync with mobile devices
  • Integrated communication mic
  • Four Hi Gain Omni Directional microphones
  • Low noise/frequency tuned for natural sound clarity
  • Independent volume control
  • Independent adjustable frequency tuning
  • NRR 27dB
  • Sound activated compression-0.02 sec reaction time
  • Recessed volume/AFT control knobs
  • External battery door
  • MSRP $299.99

For more information on the Ultimate Digital Quad Connect and other Walker’s products, visit info@gsmorg.com.  Walker’s Game Ear is a division of GSM Outdoors. Learn more about their brands at www.gsmoutdoors.com