Leadville Cowboy Action Ammunition by Freedom Munitions

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Leadville – American Made, Cowboy Action Ammunition by Freedom Munitions

Lewiston, ID January 19, 2015. – (ArmsVault.com) – Freedom Munitions– America’s largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of ammunition– announces the immediate release of their new line of cowboy action ammunition, Leadville. As with all of Freedom Munitions’ offerings, Leadville is proudly made in Lewiston, Idaho, USA.

Leadville was designed with the cowboy action and historic firearm enthusiast in mind, using only the highest quality brass cases combined with dependable primers and powders, ensuring both performance and reliability.

Loaded with X-Treme Bullets cowboy line of hard cast lead round nose flat point (RNFP) projectiles for safaris in tubular magazines and also ensuring flattening at the target instead of fragmenting. Each of the RNFP projectiles is lube-stripped to allow for better function versus non-lube-stripped projectiles.  “Leadville has been specifically tuned to reduce felt recoil, giving the shooter greater control, speed and accuracy on follow-up shots.” Stated B.J. Norris, Marketing Manager “This also gives the historic firearms enthusiast a low-pressure round that is safe to fire in vintage firearms.”

“At Freedom Munitions we are constantly striving to give our customers the best performance at a great value.” Said Jansen Jones, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for  Freedom Munitions. “We have been able to provide that with Leadville by using our premium X-Treme Bullets components, thus reducing product variability and passing along the savings to our customers.”

Initial Leadville pistol offerings will feature the RNFP bullet and be chambered in 357 MAG, .38 Special, 44 MAG and 45 Long Colt. The initial rifle offering will be in 45-70 Government. For pricing and to purchase Freedom Munitions’ American Leadville Ammunition, visit www.FreedomMunitions.com.