HIPERFIRE Tarheel 3-Gun Competition Trigger

HIPERFIRE HIPERTOUCH Tarheel 24 Trigger - TH24
HIPERFIRE HIPERTOUCH Tarheel 24 Trigger – TH24

HIPERFIRE Introduces the TH24 to Shot Show Attendees

January 7, 2015: HIPERFIRE® (www.hiperfire.com) and Tarheel 3-Gun (http://tarheel3gun.com/) Announces the HIPERTOUCH® Tarheel 24 (TH24) competition 3-gun trigger; it’s coming Spring 2015. Tarheel 3-Gun invited HIPERFIRE®’s match sponsorship early in 2013. Since then, shooters from around the country have won HIPERFIRE®’s triggers off the prize table and compared shooting notes that started the buzz that eventually established HIPERFIRE®’s good reputation not only for trigger design innovation, but most importantly performance and reliability. HIPERFIRE® is very appreciative of Tarheel 3-Gun’s role in cementing HIPERTOUCH® triggers’ place in high performance shooting. So, HIPERFIRE® and Tarheel 3-Gun have now taken the next step to jointly promote a new signature trigger and further promote the shooting sports in general, because as we all know, shooting the best equipment is not just for 3-gun. HIPERFIRE® didn’t think it could improve on the 24Competition product offering, but it has. Your finger will tell the difference between the 24C and the TH24 as a step up in feel. See it and squeeze it this month at SHOT SHOW 2015, booth #3016. HIPERFIRE® has wholesale and OEM purchase programs.

HIGH PERFORMANCE FIREARMS LLC (d.b.a. HIPERFIRE®) is a Minnesota limited liability company located in the Minnesota Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area organized in 2011 to design, manufacture, and sell novel products into the MSR marketplace that satisfy the unmet needs of the more demanding recreational and professional shooter.