Grip Pod GPS-CL First Look

We recently received our Grip Pod GPS-CL from Mounting Solutions Plus. Unfortunately for me, I’m not the one that will be reviewing this product. However, before handing it off to the ArmsVault Staffer that will be doing the review, I did get the chance to take it out of the box and play with it a bit. After all… the package did arrive with my name on it!

Grip Pod GPS-CL
Grip Pod GPS-CL on Kavod KVD-15

There are actually a few different models of the Grip Pod to choose from. The Military model has hardened polymer covered stainless steel legs, while the Law Enforcement model has polymer legs, making it lighter. In addition, each model is available with the optional Cam Lever (CL) attachment system, which allows you to install or remove the Grip Pod in Seconds.

Pending our full-review, my guess is that the Grip-Pod will definitely appeal to those of you that like the feel of a forward grip. Having the option to deploy the bipod legs gives the shooter a great advantage while in the prone position. Speaking of deploying the bipod legs… The deployment button is nicely situated within reach of your thumb, and when pressed, the legs deploy with a vengeance!

Until the full review, be sure to check out the entire Grip Pod selection at Mounting Solutions Plus.

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