Black Hills 5.56mm 70 grain GMX Ammo

Black Hills 5 56 Ammunition
Black Hills 5.56mm Ammunition

Black Hills Ammunition 5.56mm 70 grain GMX®

Black Hills added a special purpose 5.56mm load to its growing 5.56mm lineup. The 70 grain Hornady GMX® projectile is designed as a “barrier blind” round. It’s not armor piercing, but significantly outperforms conventional bullets in law enforcement situations engaging vehicle threats or behind light cover. It’s optimum for big game hunting requiring great expansion combined with deep penetration and nearly 100% weight retention. This load is designed for rifles with rifling twist of 1/7″ or 1/8″. Penetration is ballistic gelatin consistently runs 17-22″, with wound diameter in the 5″ range. Recovered bullet diameter averages nearly .50 caliber.

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