Daniel Defense SLim Rail and Aimpoint Micro Mount

Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense Releases New Rails & Optic Mount

Black Creek, GA- October 27, 2014- Daniel Defense, engineering and manufacturing the world’s finest firearms, precision rail systems and accessories, today announced new product releases: SLiM Rail™ 12.0 and Aimpoint® Micro Mount (Absolute Co-Witness).

Daniel Defense SLiM Rail
Daniel Defense SLiM Rail 12.0 & 15.0

The SLiM Rail™, which first debuted on the DDM4v11 in a 15-inch version, is now available as a rifle length, 12-inch option.  “We’re fired up about our customers having access to this new rail system,” noted Daniel Defense Director of Marketing, Jordan Hunter.  The Daniel Defense SLiM Rail™ features the KeyMod attachment system, which offers incredible weight savings as well as superior cooling, ergonomics, and modularity while maintaining the strength and durability expected from a Daniel Defense free-float rail system.  “The feedback we received after launching this railed forend, our first featuring KeyMod, confirmed we hit the mark and met user expectations.”  While the initial release only made this rail system available on the V11 series rifles, both lengths will now be offered individually to dealers and customers.

Daniel Defense Aimpoint Micro Mount Lower Third Absolute Co-Witness
Daniel Defense Aimpoint Micro Mount

Daniel Defense is also releasing an upgrade to their popular Aimpoint® Micro Mount.  “In the early years, we earned the reputation of being a rails & accessories company,” said Marty Daniel, the company’s President and CEO.  “It remains a core element of our business, and this upgrade to the Aimpoint® mount demonstrates our ability to take a proven product and elevate it to the next level.”  The next generation mount gives operators the option of an absolute or lower 1/3rd co-witness.

Daniel Defense MK18 with Aimpoint Micro Mount Lower Third Absolute Co-Witness With Spacer
Daniel Defense MK18 Featuring Aimpoint Micro Mount Lower Third Absolute Co-Witness with Spacer

About Daniel Defense

President and CEO, Marty Daniel founded Daniel Defense at the turn of the 21st century. From its humble beginnings as a start-up company, creating rails and accessories for the AR-15 platform in small batches, Daniel Defense has grown exponentially over the last decade, and is now known for its premium line of rifles, rails, and firearms accessories. Now with two locations and a combined 137,000 square feet of available manufacturing space, Daniel Defense looks forward to continued growth, as well as the opportunity to better serve their customers.

For more information, visit www.danieldefense.com.