American Gunsmithing Institute Remington 870/1100 Course

American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) Announces Hands-On Gunsmithing
Course on Remington 870/1100

NEW Instructor-led-training course, taught by one of the world’s preeminent Master Gunsmiths and AGI’s Certified Gunsmithing Instructor – Bob Dunlap, August 25-29, 2014.

Napa, Calif. (August 2014) – American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI), producers of the most authoritative instructional gunsmithing DVD courses, is pleased to offer gunsmiths and students a Design, Function and Repair: Remington 870/1100 class with Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap. The course, to be held from August 25th through 29th, 2014 in Coquille, Oregon, is open to current AGI Professional Gunsmithing students only. Students must have successfully completed the Rifles section of the course prior to registration.

This AGI instructor-led course consists of approximately 1/3 lecture and 2/3 hands on experience. The course content covers most aspects of the Remington 870/1100 design, function, repair and tuning.

Students are required to bring to the course a Remington model 870 and a model 1100 or 1187, a large screwdriver, eye protection, dial caliper, a two or four ounce ball peen hammer (a large ball peen hammer will not do), a set of needle files, a larger mill file or mill bastard, a punch set, stones, a propane or MAP GAS torch (optional), lube oil and cold blue. Students are also requested to bring some test fire ammunition, but be aware that there will be no ammunition in the class room.

Master Gunsmith and Certified Gunsmithing Instructor Bob Dunlap
Master Gunsmith and Certified Gunsmithing Instructor Bob Dunlap

Master Gunsmith and Certified Gunsmithing Instructor Bob Dunlap has been a professional gunsmith for over 35 years. Dunlap spent 20 years as the Senior Instructor at Lassen College’s internationally recognized gunsmithing school, all while maintaining a fully staffed gun shop.  In Dunlap’s long illustrious career, he has been personally responsible for the repair of over 250,000 firearms. Truly an expert in the field, he possesses a unique teaching style that enables him to take complex firearms and make them easier for students to understand.

For more information and availability, please contact Becky at 1-800-797-0687 x 102. AGI is not responsible for a student’s travel, hotel or meal costs. If the class does not have a minimum of six participants it will be cancelled and rescheduled when a class of six or more is filled.

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