Christensen Arms Carbon-Fiber Barrel Pricing Reduced by Almost Half

Christensen Arms

Savings of 25% to 63% realized for customers of Christensen Arms lightweight, innovative, carbon-wrapped barrels for AR style and bolt action rifles.

GUNNISON, UT (July 2014)  Christensen Arms®, manufacturers of superior hunting, tactical and sport shooting firearms utilizing the latest in carbon fiber technologies, is pleased to announce a significant price reduction in their patented, lightweight carbon-fiber wrapped barrels. The 25% -63% savings are a result of Christensen Arms constant pursuit of the most advanced techniques and technologies in materials and manufacturing. Through the use of fiber placement machine technology, Christensen Arms has dramatically sped up the process of fabricating the carbon wrapped barrels. As part of Christensen Arms mission to provide their loyal customers with the highest quality products, they are proud to pass this savings directly to the customer in the form of a price reduction of 63% on their AR style carbon-fiber wrapped barrels and 25% on their carbon-fiber wrapped bolt action barrels.

Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Barrel
Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Barrel

“We at Christensen Arms are extremely pleased to be able to pass this incredible savings on to our customers,” Jason Christensen explained. “Not only are we constantly striving to develop and implement the latest technologies in our products, but we also focus on developing more efficient ways of producing our firearms without any sacrifice of quality. Our in-house capabilities continue to excel and the result is reflected in superior products at a lower cost to the customer.”

Christensen Arms carbon-fiber wrapped barrels are developed with Aerograde TM technology, which lessens the weight and increases the longevity, durability and accuracy of the rifle in a variety of environmental situations, including an extreme range of temperatures. The carbon-fiber with its pre-impregnated fibers are placed in extremely precise orientations to help ensure maximum stiffness, control damping and “wick” heat out of the throat area of the muzzle. The carbon-fiber barrels are available in match-grade and select match-grade with a maximum Total Indicator Runout (TIR) of .003 inches or less, which indicates a minimal tolerance for straightness deviation. The match-grade bore measures within .0005 inches of the standard diameter and doesn’t vary more than .0003 inches for the length of the barrel. In the select match-grade bores, the groove diameter air gauges within .0003 inches of the standard diameter and doesn’t vary more than .0001 inches for the entire length of the barrel.

Christensen Arms carbon-fiber wrapped barrels are available in a variety of calibers from .223 Rem to .338 Lapua.

Christensen Arms steel barrels have also experienced a drop in price in recent months. New barrel making equipment was installed at their facility in early 2014 and all Christensen Arms steel barrels are now made in-house.

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About Christensen Arms:

Christensen Arms was founded in Gunnison, Utah in 1995 as a result of Dr. Roland Christensen’s knowledge of carbon-fiber and passion for hunting. Dr. Christensen first earned his Doctorate of Science in Mechanical Engineering and went on to start a company that utilizes carbon-fiber material for the aerospace and medical industries. This technology was revolutionary in barrel production and saw widespread acceptance. Christensen Arms builds a full range of firearms, including bolt-action rifles for hunting, target shooting, and tactical applications, with hand-laid-up carbon-fiber stocks, a line of AR-styled tactical rifles and custom, handcrafted 1911 pistols. These firearms are among the most precise, distinctive and technologically advanced products on the market today.