P3 Ultimate Target Stand – First Look

CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Target Stand
CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Target Stand

A few days ago we received our P3 Ultimate Target Stand from CTK Precision. We haven’t taken it to the range yet, but I thought a quick preview might be in order.

The stand comes with 2 support legs, 2 support braces, 4 knobs, and 4 large target clips. The user supplies the wood furring strips, which can be found at most home improvement stores for under $2 (I picked mine up at Home Depot).

The target stand size is only limited to the size of the furring strips you choose to use. Most furring strips can be purchased in 8′ pieces. I had Home Depot cut one strip into 2 4′ pieces, which make up the uprights of the target stand. The furring strip that I’m using as the base is 31″, which is probably a little longer than I really needed it to be. For reference, the Zombie Target that I have mounted on the stand is 23″ wide x 35″ tall. So this setup could pretty much accommodate most targets you would find yourself using (cardboard or paper).

In addition to what you see here, we also received the optional bottle hangers. These are clever little hooks that allow you to hang water-filled bottles from the target stand, giving you a more reactive target shooting experience.

I don’t really want this post to serve as a review, but based on the stability of this stand, and its ability to accommodate virtually any size target, I think CTK Precision has another big winner on their hands! Once we have a chance to test this at the range, we’ll work up a full review. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, visit CTK Precision for more info.