MidwayUSA Foundation Receives Large Donation from Youth Education in Shooting Sports for Minnesota

Youth Education in Shooting Sports for Minnesota

Columbia, MO – Shooting teams that have an active Team Endowment Accounts with the MidwayUSA Foundation will see an increase in their account thanks to a recent donation made by the Youth Education in Shooting Sports for Minnesota (YESS4MN). The donation of $338,000 will be divided among 50 shooting teams and assist in establishing permanent funding for each of these teams.  The donation stems from their attendance at a YESS4MN event.

“The generosity of Youth Education in Shooting Sports plays a key role in our Foundation’s ongoing ability to assist shooting teams in meeting both near and long term funding requirements, ultimately permanently securing their team’s financial future,” said Dick Leeper; MidwayUSA Foundation’s Executive Director.  Along with donations like this one, teams can grow their endowment account through soliciting private donations, earnings, and conducting fundraisers.  Each year they can then apply to draw up to 5% of their account balance to use for team expenses, such as, ammunition, range fees, targets, uniforms, travel and more.

YESS4MN works to introduce youth to the outdoors using hands-on competitive shooting sports and wildlife/habitat conservation and is an organization that is growing quickly. The MidwayUSA Foundation helps communities and organizations raise funds to support their high school, college and other youth shooting teams and activities.  Currently, over 1,800 shooting teams have an active Team Endowment Account with the MidwayUSA Foundation and partnerships like the one with YESS4MN will ensure this number continues to grow.

For more information about The MidwayUSA Foundation and its Team Endowment Account Program, please visit www.midwayusafoundation.org or call 1-877-375-4570. To learn more about Youth Education in Shooting Sports for Minnesota, visit www.yess4mn.com.