Guncrafter Industries Launches New Website to Include Web-Store

Guncrafter Industries
Guncrafter Industries

Huntsville, AR – Guncrafter Industries brand new updated website including web-store is open and ready for business.

If you want to know the latest news or see the latest photos from Guncrafter Industries all you have to do is visit to find out about all things Guncrafter.  The new site will include photos of all models; include build specs, and custom options for you to choose from to order your next custom pistol.  On the new site, you can check out the most current news and stay in touch with what is going on in Huntsville, AR to see that latest creations hot from the bench.  Click your way into the web-store and browse the various and ever expanding offerings from the mind of Alex Zimmermann and brought to life by the band of artisans he has gathered that is Guncrafter Industries.

Our new site is an ongoing work in progress; it is our intent to let our customers guide us to what interests them most.  What would you like to see next, what sort of news interests you.  Plans are in place for a GI Forum to follow close behind this launch, to give a home to the ever expanding base of big bore enthusiast and hunter alike.  By popular demand you will be able to purchase ammo to feed your 50 GI along with reloading components and find the latest loading data to help you fully enjoy your 50.  Many of our customers have asked to be able to purchase Guncrafter Industries 1911 Accessories as well as logo gear.  All of this will be available to owners and fans alike so be sure and stop in, we are bound to have something that suits you.

About Guncrafter Industries:

Guncrafter Industries was founded in 2004 by Alex Zimmermann with one mission, to make the most effective custom pistol for self-defense, the .50GI.  After introducing the .50GI to the world, Alex and his small band of “Guncrafters” have been building one of the finest custom pistols for discriminating 1911 aficionados all over the world.  Always looking to improve his lineup, the addition of only the most reliable and effective combinations are acceptable to his demanding requirements.  When you start with four models in .50GI, add six more models in .45acp, and throw in models available in 9mm, 10mm, and .38 Super, Guncrafter Industries can make the perfect place to help you discover your next pistol.  Simple principles are the guiding force, exceptional quality, exceptional reliability, and exceptional customer service, Guncrafter Industries, JUST EXCEPTIONAL!

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