Colt Shooter Mark Redl Wins at Valley Forge BUG Out

Mark Redl Valley Forge BUG Out
Colt Shooter Mark Redl

Colt Shooter Mark Redl Wins Class, Most Accurate Shooter and Overall Awards at Valley Forge BUG Out

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (May 28, 2014) – Colt’s Manufacturing Company is proud to announce three outstanding victories for sponsored-shooter Mark Redl at this weekend’s IDPA Eastern Regional BUG (Back Up Gun) Out at Valley Forge. Redl placed first in the Stock Service Pistol Master division, was named “Most Accurate Shooter” and earned the highest overall score of the weekend with 172.82 match points.

“We are all ecstatic about Mark’s accomplishments at the Valley Forge BUG Out,” said Joyce Rubino, Vice President of Marketing for Colt’s Manufacturing Company. “His hard work and dedication to the shooting sports are evident from his 2013 season and from his match successes so far this year. We will continue to be here to support Mark and wish him all the best as he pursues future victories.”

Redl competed with a Colt Defender ™ in .45 ACP. “The bull barrel and the dual recoil spring system on the Defender make it one of the most accurate and softest shooting micro-.45 ACP models on the market,” said Redl. “I was confident with this Colt model in my hand, and I am proud of how it helped me perform amongst a field of talented shooters.”

The IDPA BUG Out at Valley Forge match was held May 23-25 at the Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club in Audubon, Pa. There were 12 stages and two flashlight stages, totaling 180 rounds.

Redl’s next competition is the Massachusetts State IDPA Championship, which kicks off the 2014 King of New England series. Redl hopes to successfully defend his title as King of New England in the Custom Pistol Division this year. Visit for the latest on all Team Colt shooters.

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