Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

Sonic Boom Making Huge Explosion in Marketplace

Omaha, NE (May 7, 2013) – Sonic Boom, manufacturers of high quality exploding targets, is quickly gaining traction within the marketplace and becoming the preferred choice of both retailers and end-consumers alike. Easy to mix and easy to use, Sonic Boom targets consist of two inert components that, when mixed, provides the largest and loudest explosion than any other competing manufacturers product(s).

Sonic Boom offers both rifle and rimfire exploding targets to cover the needs of all shooting enthusiasts. The rimfire targets are available in 10-packs and are essentially a “universal” target that can be shot with any gun, including shotguns that shoots 1000fps or better. The rifle targets are available in 1lb., 2lb., or 20lb. bulk and can be shot with any rifle that shoots 2200 fps.

The success of this one-and-a-half year old company is due the vision of the two managing partners Brent Michels and Jeremy Knuth, both avid outdoorsmen and shooting enthusiasts. “Our goal was to create the loudest and largest exploding target,” said, Jeremy Knuth, co-creator of Sonic Boom Targets, “ To achieve this, there was a lot of trial-and-error and testing against the competition. We finally were able to obtain the cleanest and safest ingredients, which puts us light-years ahead of the competition.” Knuth continued, “Although we’ve reached our ultimate goal (louder and bigger) we’re still testing and still improving on all of our products.”

Legal in all 50 States, Sonic Boom is gaining immense popularity. Currently in over 100+ retail locations, the company is quickly becoming a brand name amongst shooting enthusiasts. “In the very near future we plan on starting an aggressive marketing campaign in order to fully saturate the marketplace and let the industry and customers know that this is a superior product at a very competitive price point” said Brent Michels, Co-Creator of Sonic Boom Targets, “We’re overwhelmed at the response thus far and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us, not just with the customer response but, the new products we’re working on.”

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