ReadyShot Personal Firearms Training System

We all know how important it is to train with our firearms. However, if you are like me, most of your training takes place at the shooting range. While this type of training is extremely important, it doesn’t cover every possible scenario in which you may need to use your firearm.

The ReadyShot Personal Firearms Training System is a laser based gun training system that allows you to train in your home. Why is this important? If you are ever awaken at 3am by the sound of an intruder, the answer to that question would be obvious.

Our friends at Haus of Guns helped us out with this review. The following video gives a great breakdown of how to setup and use the ReadyShot System.

As of this review, ReadyShot is offering the inserts for Glock, XD/XD(M) and M&P handguns. However, they are evaluating additional models based on customer requests.

For more information on the ReadyShot Firearms Training System, visit the ReadyShot site at:

Reviewed By: Haus of Guns