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Jan 05

Aimpoint Micro T-2 & Samson QR Mount on Windham Weaponry SRC

Thanks to our friends at Mounting Solutions Plus, our Windham Weaponry SRC is now sporting the Aimpoint Micro T-2 with Samson QR Mount. We have also equipped the SRC with SPLP (Same Plane Low Profile) Flip-Up Sights from Midwest Industries. Stay tuned for range results… Be sure to check out our Gun Discounts Page. We currently have …

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Aug 25

Windham SRC with Trijicon MRO and Samson Magnifier

If you have trouble maintaining accuracy at longer distances while using a red dot sight, you might want to try using a magnifier. The magnifier shown in this image is the Samson 3.5x Magnifier with QR Quick Flip Mount. This mount allows you quickly transition between the red dot, and red dot with magnifier. My wife has …

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Aug 10

Birchwood Casey Mule Kick AR500 Steel Target First Look

Unfortunately, my shooting range doesn’t have steel targets. So, for a while I’ve been thinking about picking up a steel target of my own that I can transport to and from the range. The key is that it needs to be something I can easily transport and set up. Fortunately, Birchwood Casey just announced the …

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Jul 31

FOG Ammunition 223 Rem Hornady 55gr Full Metal Jacket

For the last several months, I’ve noticed Headwaters Ammunition coming on strong within the social media scene. Headwaters is an ammo line produced by F.O.G (Finger Of God) Firearms and Cartridge Company, a family owned business in Minnesota. Their ammunition line consists of both rifle and pistol ammo. I recently had a chance to talk with F.O.G Ammunition, and …

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Jul 13

Aguila .223 Remington 55gr FMJ Ammunition

A sneak peek of some new ammo we will be testing… Aguila .223 Remington 55gr FMJ. If it doesn’t look familiar, that’s because it is now sporting some brand-spankin’ new packaging. This popular and proven varmint hunting and target-shooting round delivers exceptional accuracy at an affordable price. A 55-grain projectile quickly takes out medium-sized game. – …

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