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Mar 14

Frankford Arsenal Case Prep Kits

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Releases Two New Case Prep Kits Frankford ArsenalĀ® Case Prep Essentials Kit The Case Prep Essentials Kit is an exceptional all in one hand kit for prepping brass. The kit contains two handles, a variety of tools and comes with a handy storage case to keep everything in one place. The …

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Feb 25

Frankford Arsenal Wet/Dry Media Separator

Frankford Arsenal Releases Innovative Wet/Dry Media Separator (ArmsVault.com) – The Frankford ArsenalĀ® Wet/Dry Media Separator is one of the latest additions to the state-of-the art Platinum Series line of reloading tools. Whether using wet or dry media, this separator contains a rugged rubber latch to keep the sifter closed even with heavy loads of brass …

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