Nov 01

Mechforce Enforcer Muzzle Brake


Mechforce USA Introduces Enforcer Muzzle Brake

(ArmsVault.com) – Mechforce USA’s Enforcer Muzzle Brake features an artillery style trapezoid baffle field proven design that offers improved recoil management and muzzle rise. The patent pending design is made possible by Mechforce USA’s top-notch engineers with extraordinary creativities and FEA optimizations.

Mechforce Enforcer Muzzle Brake

Thread and center bore are CNC machined in one operation to ensure the highest possible concentricity. All external and internal surfaces are black nitride treated to provide improved anti-wear and anti-corrosion capabilities.  There is a set of four Variable Timing Crush Washers comes with the package that can index and torque the muzzle brake correctly regardless the barrel manufacturers. With no ugly shims or bulky jam nut, this set of crush washers offers a turnkey solution is the most precise and easy to use for muzzle device installation currently on the market.

Mechforce Enforcer Muzzle Brake

Mechforce USA’s Enforcer Muzzle Brake offers rifle shooters another reliable choice to put on the rifle. With no compromise between style and performance, the Enforcer Muzzle Brake will meet and exceed user’s expectation either way.