Jun 30

American Handgunner – Talon Grips for Kahr P45

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FMG Online Exclusive: A Must-Have Accessory For Your Kahr P45

(ArmsVault.com) – On americanhandgunner.com, FMG Online Editor Mark Kakkuri reveals how and why Talon Grips enhance the grip of a Kahr P45 with step-by-step instruction and detailed photos.

Talon Grips for Kahr P45

Talon Grips for Kahr P45

In the online article “Exclusive: The Must-Have $18 Accessory For Your Kahr P45,” Kakkuri instructs readers on how to attach Talon Grips’ “rubbery wrap-around, stick-on grip enhancements.” Retailing for only $17.99, he labeled them “a must-have accessory for the P45.” He follows-up with a demo on how to install the grips, leaving nothing to guesswork.

In a review featured on gunsmagazine.com, Kakkuri shares his personal experience with Flying Circle’s AR-15 Case. He had the opportunity to check out the case when he took it along with him to a Gunsite 123 Carbine Class in Lebanon, Ind. He liked the “tough zippered MOLLE webbing” and that you can “carry it on your person with the padded shoulder strap or latch it to your ATV or SUV cargo rack.”

Flying Circle AR-15 Case

Flying Circle AR-15 Case

To view and read “Exclusive: The Must-Have $18 Accessory For Your Kahr P45” and “Flying Circle AR-15 Case Review,” interact with Mark and join the conversation, please go to www.americanhandgunner.com/exclusive-the-must-have-18-accessory-for-your-kahr-p45 and http://gunsmagazine.com/exclusive-photos-of-a-flying-circle-ar-15-bag-review/

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