Apr 20

FMG Online Editor Now Accepting Text Messages

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FMG’s Online Editor Provides New Way To Connect With Readers

(ArmsVault.com) – FMG’s Online Editor Mark Kakkuri recently introduced a new way to connect with readers: through text messages. Kakkuri has invited readers to text him with questions and comments after reading an article — giving readers another way to engage with the content. Since then, Kakkuri has interacted with readers, prompting an Online Exclusive where he shares reader texts and responses. You can view the innovative exchange at www.gunsmagazine.com/exclusive-you-text-i-respond-we-benefit.

Mark Kakkuri at Gunsite 123 Carbine Class

Mark Kakkuri at Gunsite 123 Carbine Class

In another online exclusive, “Photos from Gunsite’s 123 Carbine Class,” Kakkuri and other participants learn to shoot a carbine correctly and effectively. The class was held at the Boone County Sheriff Department in Lebanon, Ind. Kakkuri shares the experience through a series of pictures taken at the range. And to prove he was there, he made sure to include a selfie for readers. Visit the following link for this American Handguhnner exclusive www.americanhandgunner.com/exclusive-photos-from-gunsites-123-carbine-class.

Kershaw Ember

Kershaw Ember

In “Photos of the Kershaw Ember in Hand (Review),” online at American Handgunner, Kakkuri provides a photo essay of the Kershaw Ember. Through a series of pictures, he reviews the Ember, showing the detailed versatility of this, small, easily carried folding knife. View Kakkuri’s exclusive at www.americanhandgunner.com/exclusive-photos-of-the-kershaw-ember-in-hand-review.

Online visitors at GUNS and American Handgunner will find several articles per week from Kakkuri, who welcomes engagement from readers. To access all online content, visit americanhandgunner.com and gunsmagazine.com. If you have a question or comment, text Mark at (248) 328-2538.