Mar 05

MS Clean Double Magazine Shaped Rifle Cleaning Kit

Ms. Clean LLC Launches double magazine shaped rifle cleaning kit on Kickstarter.

MS. Clean has launched their double thick magazine shaped AR-15/M-4 cleaning kit on Monday, Feburary 23rd to April 8th. With the success of the single Ms. Clean kit, and customer demand for a bigger container, Ms. Clean has set out to have another successful Kickstarter. This time they are offering premium products from other trusted companies. Along with the standard tools every kit will include a Tactical Tailor pouch, a B5 Systems carbon bolt scraper, a Bore Snake, a choice of premium lubricants from FrogLube, Breakthrough Clean, or FireClean, and an option for a Multitasker Series 3 AR-15 multi-tool.

MS Clean Double Magazine Shaped Rifle Cleaning Kit

MS Clean Double Magazine Shaped Rifle Cleaning Kit

The MS. Clean will be offering a selection of rifle cleaning kits, a trauma kit, a Fight Soap hygiene kit, or an empty case that user can adapt to their changing needs. The MS. Clean will be offered in black and red with a chance for supports to unlock other colors such as Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab. In addition to the double kits the Kickstarter will have additional add on options for single Ms. Clean cases and kits, stickers, patches, Tricorne’s 550 chord Spool Tool, Multitasker Series 3’s, and larger sizes of our premium lubricants.

MS. Clean allows a shooter to carry their firearms cleaning kit or trauma kit on their gear, pack, or range bag where it can be easily accessed when needed. The case is chemical resistant and doubles as a container to place small parts of a firearm easily lost while field maintenance is being performed. MS. Clean comes standard with steel cleaning rods necessary for removal barrel obstructions in the field. The crush resistant reinforced polymer case keeps your firearm’s maintenance tools and lubricants safe and organized. The magazine shape allows the kit to be stored in abundantly available double NATO magazine pouches. Previous field cleaning kits came in soft pouches that could not be conveniently removed for use and were easily crushed, spilling lubricant onto the shooter’s gear. MS. Clean solves these problems and was designed from the ground up, by professionals, to address the specialized needs of those men and women protecting our country. Every Kickstarter level has the option to be used as a donation and we will send those items to members of the armed services that are currently deployed.