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Jan 06

Warne’s Range Tool – Multi-tool for Every Shooter’s Range Bag

Warne’s Range Tool: The Singular Solution (ArmsVault.com) – Warne’s Range Tool is designed to be the go-to multi-tool for every shooter’s range bag.  This compact and durable tool features 12 of the most popular driver bits to perform basic firearm maintenance and scope adjustment in the field.  The Warne Range Tool is the next best …

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Apr 20

Warne to Give Away Colt Competition CRX-16 Rifle at NRA Show

Warne to Give Away Unique Rifle at NRA Show (ArmsVault.com) – Warne has announced they will be giving away a one-of-a-kind, customized rifle at the NRA Atlanta Show 2017.  This American-All-Star Rifle features a unique, transitioning U.S. Flag paint job and is built with the following features: Colt Competition CRX-16 Limited Edition “Battle Flag”. .223/5.56 …

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Nov 10

Warne Scope Mounts Adds Ken Jefferies and Associates for the Southeast

Warne Scope Mounts Adds Ken Jefferies and Associates for the Southeast (ArmsVault.com) – Warne Scope Mounts is pleased to announce that Ken Jefferies and Associates is the sales agency for the states Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi and Alabama. “Ken Jefferies and Associates has proven to be an industry leader …

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Oct 12

Warne Mountain Tech Lightweight Precision Mounting System

Warne Scope Mounts introduces the Next Generation of Precision Mounting solutions (ArmsVault.com) – As rifle and optics technology advances, the bond between them must advance as well. To get peak performance out of your rifle and scope, don’t let your mounts be the weak link. Warne Scope Mounts is proud to introduce our most advanced …

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Jul 26

Warne Scope Mounts Congratulates Team Warne Shooters

2016 Warne Scope Mounts Congratulates it’s Team Warne Shooters (ArmsVault.com) – It was a blustery afternoon at the Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association (COSSA) range in Bend Oregon as 200 competitors gathered for a well-earned lunch, followed by an awards presentation to the top shooters of the 2016 Warne Scope Mounts Northwest Multigun Challenge. Shooters …

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