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  • Washington gun forum and classifieds.

Wahsatch Shooters Association – WSA

  • Shooting range in Davis County, Utah.

Walker 47

  • Cowboy action shooting supplies.

Walker’s Game Ear

  • Hearing protection for shooters.

Walker’s Wad Wizard

  • Shotgun choke tubes.

Walt Moreau

  • Antique arms, antique handguns, antique long arms.


  • Firearm manufacturer, handguns, rifles.

Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show

  • Gun show located in Tulsa, OK.

War Dog Safe Company

  • Gun safes designed to fit under your bed.

WarRifles Forum

  • Gun forum, gun information.

Warthog Gear

  • Producer of custom hybrid holsters.

Washington Arms Collectors

  • Gun collecting information, gun shows.

Wax ‘Em Targets

  • Repairable 3D firearm targets.

Weapons Cache

  • Gun forum, gun information.


  • Producers of the AK47 Enhanced Bolt Hold Open Follower.


  • Rifles, shotguns, ammunition.

Weatherbyman Custom Guns

  • Custom rifles for long range hunting and shooting.

Weaver Optics

  • Pistol mounts, rifle mounts, riflescopes, binoculars , spotting scopes, rangefinders.

Weaver Rifles

  • Benchrest quality rifles, precision riflesmithing.

Web Arms

  • Rifles, shotguns, pistols, firearm optics.

Weigand Combat Handguns

  • Scope mounts for rifles and handguns.

Wenig Custom Gunstocks

  • Custom gunstocks.


  • Manufacturer of custom Kydex holsters and magazine carriers.

West County Guns

  • Gun accessories, tactical gear, gun parts, machine guns.

Western and Wildlife Wonders

  • Custom grips for cowboy handguns, replica handguns.

Western Gun Parts

  • Gun parts, gun schematics.

Westley Richards

  • Shotguns, shotgun ammunition.

WGM Tactical

  • Firearm dealer and manufacturer of custom rifles, precision AR platform rifles, and sound suppressors.

What A Country

  • Gun magazines, gun parts, bayonets, night vision.

Where To Shoot

  • Listing of shooting ranges.

Whidden Gunworks

  • Custom rifles, reloading supplies, Class III weapons.

Whiskey Arms

  • Manufacturer of bolt carriers for the AR15/M16 platform.

WhistlePig GunBarrel

  • Ruger 10/22 barrels.

White Flyer

  • Skeet targets, trap targets, sporting clays.

White Hat Holsters

  • IWB holsters.

White Oak Armament

  • AR-15 rifle parts, AR-15 rifle accessories.

Wholesale Hunter

  • Shooting supplies, gun accessories.

Wichita Arms

  • Rifles, pistols, gun sights, rifle rests, shooting supplies.

Wicked Grips

  • Handgun grips, AR grips.

Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply

  • Ammunition, magazines, optics, reloading components, shooting accessories.

Wideview Scope Mounts

  • Scope mounts.

Wild Bill’s Concealment Holsters

  • Concealment holsters, magazine carriers, CCW accessories.

Wild Dog

  • Tactical rifles, custom rifles, rifle stocks.

Wild West Guns

  • Custom rifles and handguns.

Wildey Guns

  • Gas action handguns.

Wiley X

  • Tactical eyewear.

William Evans

  • Shotguns, bolt rifles, double rifles, shooting accessories, shooting clothing.

William J Ricca Surplus Sales

  • Military weapons parts.

William Larkin Moore & Co

  • Double barrel shotguns, rifles.

Williams Gun Sight Company

  • Gun sights, receiver sights, open sights, rifle sights, pistol sights, shotgun sights.

Williams Trigger Specialties

  • HK triggers, AR-15 triggers, FAL triggers.

Wilson Arms

  • Gun barrels.

Wilson Combat

  • Custom pistols, tactical rifles, gun parts, gun accessories.

Wimer’s Collectable Firearms

  • Collectable firearms, handguns, rifles, shotguns.

Winchester Ammunition

  • Rifle ammunition, handgun ammunition, rimfire ammunition, shotgun ammunition.

Winchester Grove

  • Winchester firearms.

Winchester Repeating Arms

  • Rifles, shotguns, gun accessories.

Winchester Way

  • Antique Winchester rifles.

Windham Weaponry

  • AR15 manufacturer.

Wing Supply

  • Gun supplies, shooting supplies.

Winthrop Holsters

  • Manufacturer of leather gun holsters, gun belts, and mag holsters.

Wise Lite Arms

  • Military style rifles.


  • Tactical gear, rifle cases, gun cases, drag bags, shooting mats, magazine pouches.


  • Obsolete reproduction firearms parts.

Witt Machine

  • Manufacturer of custom clamp-on and threaded muzzle brakes for all types of rifles.

WMD Guns

  • Surface treatment solutions for firearms and firearm parts.

Wolf Ammunition

  • Rifle ammunition, pistol ammunition, rimfire ammunition, shotshell ammunition.

Wolf Bullets

  • Jacketed bullets, remanufactured ammunition, once fired brass, custom ammo, competition ammunition.

Wolf Precision

  • 10/22 gunsmithing, Glock gunsmithing, 1911 gunsmithing, AR-15 gunsmithing, 10/22 parts.

Wolfe Publishing

  • Gun magazines, gun information.

Wolff Gunsprings

  • Precision springs for firearms. Recoil springs, hammer springs, magazine springs, firing pin springs, striker springs, trigger springs.

Wolf’s Indoor Range & Shooting Center

  • Indoor shooting range located in Bristol, CT.

Wolverine Supplies

  • Firearms, firearm optics, firearm accessories, ammunition.

Women & Guns

  • Firearm information site dedicated to women.

Women Against Gun Control

  • Second Amendment supporters.

Women of Caliber

  • Firearms training for women, by women.

Women On Guard

  • Self defense products.

Wood Caliber

  • Wood carved handguns.

Wood Grips

  • Wooden handgun grips.

World Fast Draw Association

  • Cowboy action shooting information.

Worldwide Firearms

  • Machine guns, suppressors, assault weapons.

WRB Firearm Accessories

  • Gun accessories, holsters.

Wrigley Ammunition And Shooting Supplies

  • Ammunition, rifle magazines, optics.


  • World War II infantry weapon replicas.