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S&D Gun and Knife Shows

  • North Carolina gun shows.

S&J Customs

  • Competition race guns.

S&K Scope Mounts

  • Rifle scope mounts.

S.A.A.R. Mfg

  • AR rifles, AK rifles, military rifles, hunting rifles, military shotguns, hunting shotguns, gun parts, gun accessories.

S.M.S. Guns

  • Antique guns, rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders, pistol ammunition, rifle ammunition.

S.W.A.T. Magazine

  • SWAT weapons, SWAT tactics, SWAT training.


  • Gun care products, gunsacks.

Safari Outfitters

  • American shotguns, English shotguns, European shotuguns, rifles, double rifles, collectible firearms, vintage ammo.

Safari Press

  • Big game hunting books, gun books.


  • Body armor, duty gear, holsters, duty holsters, tactical gear.

Safe and Vault

  • Gun safes.

Safe Tech

  • Small arms safety devices.

Sage Ordnance Systems Group

  • Gun accessories, weapon modifications, less lethal 37mm launchers, 40mm launchers.


  • Shooting accessories and gun supplies.

Salute Products

  • Reactive steel targets, plate racks, bullet traps.

Samco Global Arms

  • Military rifles, Swedish Mauser rifles, Mauser accessories.

Samson Manufacturing

  • Rail systems, scope mounts, folding front sights, AR-15 accessories, AK-47 accessories, AR-15 accessories, Sig 556 accessories.

Sandstorm Custom Rifle Slings

  • Custom rifle slings.

Santa Cruz Gunlocks

  • Gun locks, shotgun locks.


  • Custom gunsmithing specializing in 1911 pistols.


  • Guns, gun parts, gun accessories.


  • Semi automatic pistols, shotguns.

Sasquatch Ammunition

  • Manufacturer of new and remanufactured ammunition.

Satern Custom Machining

  • Custom gun barrels.

Savage Range Systems

  • Bullet traps, shooting range systems.

Savage Shooters

  • Savage firearm information.

Savoy Leather

  • Manufacturer of handmade custom leather holsters and gun belts.

Savvy Sniper

  • Tactical gear, rifle slings.

SBR Ammunition

  • Small arms ammunition, tracer ammunition, 458 SOCOM ammunition.


  • Manufacturer of optic mounts.


  • Mini-14 tactical stocks, Mini-30 tactical stocks.

Schroeder & Hetzendorfer

  • Modern two bore rifles.

Schuemann Pistol Barrels

  • High performance pistol barrels.


  • Anti-cant device for a scoped rifles.

Score High Gunsmithing

  • Gunsmithing, custom rifles, sniper rifles, varmint rifles.

Scottsdale Ammo

  • Handgun ammo, rifle ammo.

Scout Scopes

  • SKS scope mounts, AK scope mounts, Saiga scope mounts.

Second Amendment Guns

  • Guns, ammo, optics, reloading supplies.

Second Amendment Sports

  • Hunting, fishing and shooting information.

Second Amendment Supporters

  • Second Amendment information. Find Second Amendment organizations in your area.

Secret Squirrel Leather

  • Custom leather holsters.

Security Equipment Corp

  • Self defense products.

Security Safe Outlet

  • Gun safes, long gun safes, hand gun safes, biometric gun safes.

Seekins Precision

  • Manufacturer of precision machined parts for the AR platform, as well as complete rifles.

Select Fire LLC

  • 10/22 receivers, 10/22 parts, 22 caliber products.

Self-Firearms Training by Greg Block

  • Firearms training, self defense training. Develop your skills with handguns, rifles and shotguns, from basics to advanced.

Sentry Safe

  • Gun safes.

Sentry Solutions

  • Gun care products.

Serbu Firearms

  • 50 BMG rifles, short barrel shotguns.

SG Ammo

  • Ammunition, reloading components, shooting supplies and gun accessories.


  • Guns and gun accessories.

SGM Grips

  • 1911 grips, Kimber Solo grips.

SGR Custom Rifles

  • Custom rifles.

Shadow Enterprises

  • Tactical and firearm training.

Shadow Ops Weaponry

  • Silencers, firearms, ultimate precision bolt action receivers, custom machining.


  • Brushless bore cleaners.

SHD Consulting

  • Gun training.

Shellback Tactical

  • Tactical gear, weapon accessories.

Shepherd Enterprises

  • Range finding scopes.

Sherwoods Spirit of America

  • Antique guns, collectible guns, personal defense firearms.

Shilen Rifles

  • Rifle barrels, pistol barrels, triggers, bullets.

Shiloh Sharps Rifles

  • Single shot rifles.

Shoot Cheap

  • .22LR conversion kits.

Shooter Guru

  • Gun and shooting information.

Shooter Solutions

  • Industrial grade gun finishes.

Shooter’s Choice

  • Gun care products, gun cleaning products.

Shooters Crossword Puzzle

  • A puzzle book for gun owners. Includes crossword puzzles and word searches.

Shooters Discount

  • 10-22 rifle barrels, gun accessories, 10-22 rifle receivers, rifle stocks, gun optics.

Shooters Edge

  • Gun training in Southern California.

Shooters Gun Accessories

  • Tactical gear and firearm accessories.

Shooters Plus

  • Online gun store and shooting accessories.

Shooter’s Vault

  • Shooting supplies, gun accessories.

Shooting Chrony

  • Shooting chronographs.

Shooting Paradise

  • Rifle training, long range shooting techniques.

Shooting Partner

  • Wireless turning target system.

Shooting Range Targets

  • Gateway to shooting range targets, including target reviews.

Shooting Supplies By Sheila

  • Shotguns, shotgun ammo, shotgun accessories.

Shooting Targets 7

  • Producer of steel shooting range targets and stands.

Shooting USA

  • Shooting sports television.

Shootrite Firearms Academy

  • Firearm training located in Langston, AL. Handgun training, carbine training, precision rifle training.

Short Action Precision

  • Provider of precision rifle shooting accessories.

Short Rifle Stock Systems

  • M-14 / M1A stock conversion systems.


  • Shooting sports trade show.

Shotgun Ammunition

  • Shotgun ammunition for sale.

Shotgun Sports

  • Shotgun magazine, shotgun information, shotgun news.

Shotgun Vault

  • Shotgun information, shotguns, shotgun parts, shotgun accessories.

Shotgun World

  • Shotgun information, shotgun news.


  • Gun vaults, gun locks.


  • Tactical rails, gun holsters.

Sidney L Ryan Custom Engraving and Scrimshaw

  • Handgun engraving, scrimshaw gun grips.

Siggy’s Gun and Tactical Gear

  • Tactical gear, gun accessories.

Sight M1911

  • M1911 information.


  • Riflescopes, gun sights, laser sights, night vision, range finders, flashlights, boresights and other shooting accessories.


  • Rifle scopes, laser boresighters, rangefinders, laser sights.


  • Rifle scopes, precision gun optics.

Silencer Shop

  • Dealer of firearm suppressors and accessories.

Silencer Talk

  • Silencer information, silencer forum, firearm forum.


Designs and manufactures firearm silencers.


  • Over and under shotguns.

Silver Bullet Firearms

  • Indoor shooting range in Wyoming, MI.

Silver State Holsters

  • Kydex firearm holsters, holster accessories.

Simpson Limited

  • Guns, Lugers, military firearms.


  • Simulation gun training ammunition.

Sinclair International

  • Reloading supplies, gun cleaning supplies, bullets, brass, shooting accessories, gun optics.

Singleton International

  • Firearm training, tactical training.


  • Lead free bullets.

Sisk Rifles

  • Custom built rifles.

Sitelite Lasers

  • Mag Laser Boresighters.


  • Gun cases, rifle cases, pistol cases, shotgun cases.

SKD Tactical

  • Tactical gear, gun accessories.

Skeeter’s Weatherby

  • Weatherby firearms.

Skennerton Arms & Militaria Press

  • Gun books, military books.

Slide Fire Solutions

  • Rifle stocks that provide individuals the ability to bump fire more safely.

Sling Master

  • Tactical three point and one point slings, as well as a full line of tactical accessories for AR/M4 type rifles.

Slings Only

  • Rifle slings, tactical gear.


  • Tactical slings.

Slip 2000

  • Gun lubricants, gun cleaning products.

Small Arms Review Magazine

  • Magazine dedicated to military small arms and other gun information.

Smart Gunner

  • AR15 accessories, tactical shotgun accessories, Springfield XD accessories, gun holsters.

Smith Enterprise

  • MILSPEC grade weapon attachments and upgrades, specializing in M14 and AR15/M16 rifles.

Smith Gun Display

  • Gun display racks.

Smoke ‘Em Targets

  • Reactive targets that smoke when hit.

Sniper Babes

  • Girls and guns products, girls and guns calendars.

Sniper Central

  • Sniper information, sniper equipment reviews.

Sniper Country PX

  • Weapon accessories, gun optics, tactical equipment, tactical clothing.

Sniper Tools Design Company

  • Precision shooting products.

Sniper Worx

  • Sniper magazine, sniper information.

Sniper’s Hide

  • Sniper information, tactical shooting information, precision shooting information.

Snipers Paradise

  • Sniper information, tactical shooting information, precision shooting information.

Snowline Tactical

  • Retailer of firearms, shooting supplies, tactical gear, and hunting gear.

SOG Armory

  • AR15 parts, AR15 accessories, M16 parts, M16 accessories.

SOG International

  • Firearms and firearm accessories.

Soldier of Fortune

  • Military news.

Sonic Boom

  • Manufacturer of exploding targets.

Soteria Leather

  • Custom leather holsters.

Southeastern Guns & Knives

  • Virginia gun shows.

Southern Belle Brass

  • Once fired brass, brass collector machines, gun cleaning supplies.

Southern Bloomer

  • Gun cleaning patches, gun care products.

Southern Exposure Training Facility

  • Firearm training in Kathleen, FL.

Southern Silencers

  • Dealer of firearm suppressors.


SPA Defense

  • Night vision products, laser sights, tactical weapons, tactical gear, tactical clothing.

Spartan Tactical

  • Small arms training, tactical training.

Spartan Tactical Training Group

  • Small arms training, handgun courses, rifle training, sub-machinegun training, tactical training.

Special Operations Technologies

  • Tactical gear.

Specialized Armament

  • Colt AR15 parts, Colt 1911 parts, Colt firearm repairs.

Specialized Tactical Training Unit

  • Small arms training, tactical training.

Speed Shooter Specialties

  • Speed shooting products.

Speed Shooters International

  • Custom guns, gun parts, speed shooting components.


  • Shotgun stocks.


  • Black powder reloading supplies, shooting supplies.


  • Tactical pistols, competition pistols, tactical lights.

Spider Firearms

  • AR conversions, .50 BMG Rifles, long range rifles.

Spike’s Tactical

  • Complete AR rifles, accessories, suppressors, 37mm launchers.


  • Self defense pepper spray devices.

Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute – SAAMI

  • Association of firearm manufacturers, ammunition manufacturers and firearm component manufacturers.


  • Pistol cases, rifle cases, shotgun cases, gun safes.

Sports World

  • Reloading components, reloading supplies, ammunition.

Sportsman’s Guide

  • Shooting supplies, gun parts, gun accessories.

Sportsman’s Warehouse

  • Shooting and hunting gear, including ammo, optics, reloading supplies, and other shooting equipment.

Sprinco USA

  • Recoil reducers, recoil springs.

Springfield Armory

  • 1911 pistols, M1A rifles.

Springtac Holsters

  • Holsters designed to conceal carry firearms with lasers or tactical lights attached.

SRM Arms

  • Small arms manufacturer, specializing in shotguns and shotgun componentry.

St. Nicholas Guns

  • Online gun dealer. Guns, ammo and shooting accessories.


  • Gun cabinets, gun safes, ammo cases.

Stag Arms

  • AR15 rifles, left handed AR15 rifles, AR15 accessories.

Stallion Leather

  • Nylon holsters, leather holsters, mag holders.

Stand 1 Armory

  • Manufacturer of pistol and rifle ammunition.

Starlight Cases

  • Gun cases, rifle cases, shotgun cases, pistol cases.

Stark Equipment

  • AR-15 pistol grips, AR-15 sling grips, vertical grips.

Starline Brass

  • Handgun brass.

Stealth Defense Holsters

  • Concealed carry holsters.

Steel Challenge

  • World Speed Shooting Championships – Steel Challenge.

Steel Shield Technologies

  • Gun cleaner, gun lubricant, gun preservative.

Stellar Rigs

  • Gun holsters, custom rigs.

Steve Barnett Fine Guns

  • Fine guns.

Steve Turgay

  • Gunstock blanks, gun stocks.

Steyr Arms

  • Hunting rifles, sporting rifles, pistols, military rifles.

Steyr Club

  • Steyr firearm information.

STI International

  • 1911 pistols, 1911 parts, 1911 accessories.

Stil Crin

  • Gun cleaning equipment.

Stiller’s Precision Firearms

  • Bolt action receivers, gun stocks, benchrest rifles, varmint rifles, hunting rifles.

Stockade Gun Stocks

  • Custom rifles, composite gun stocks, rifle accessories.


  • Gun stock repair.

Stocky’s Stocks

  • Rifle stocks.

Stoeger Industries

  • Semi-automatic shotguns, pump shotguns, over/under shotguns, side-by-side shotguns.

Stoner Holsters

  • Leather holsters, nylon holsters, Kydex holsters.

Stoney Creek Ltd

  • Gun carts, rifle racks, gun racks, pistol display racks.

Store More Guns

  • Devices that increase gun safe capacity.

Storm Mountain

  • Gun training, tactical training.

Storm Tactical

  • Precision rifle data books.

Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas

  • Gun training, tactical training.

Streichers Police Equipment

  • Duty gear, tactical equipment, gun accessories.

Strike Industries

  • Manufacturer of AR, AK, and 1911 pistol accessories.

Strike Tactical Solutions

  • Tactical training, tactical gear.

Strong Case

  • Rifle cases, pistol cases, ammo cases, shotgun cases.

Strong Leather

  • Duty holsters, pancake holsters, concealment holsters, shoulder holsters, duty holsters.

Stud Holsters

  • IWB holsters.

Students for the Second Amendment

  • Second Amendment supporters.

Stukeys Sturdy Shooting Benches

  • Portable shooting benches.

Suarez International

  • Tactical gear, gun accessories.

Subgun Ordnance

  • Class 3 weapons, gun suppressors.

Summit Ammunition

  • Fully automatic weapons, semi automatic weapons, silencers, small arms ammunition.

Sun Devil Mfg

  • AR15 receivers, AR15 barrels, AR15 magazines.

Sundog Firearms

  • Shotguns, hunting rifles.

Sunny Hill Enterprises

  • Trigger guard assemblies and gun parts

Superior Ammunition

  • Custom ammunition.

Superior Arms

  • AR-15 rifles, AR-15 accessories.

Superior Concepts

  • Laser stocks, 10/22 accessories.

Suppressed Armament Systems

  • Manufacturer of firearm suppressors.

Sure Cycle

  • Shotgun accessories, choke tubes.

Sure Shot Exploding Targets

  • Exploding targets.


  • Tactical lights.


  • Handgun sights.

Surgeon Rifles

  • Precision rifles, custom actions.

Surplus Ammo

  • Ammunition, gun parts, gun accessories.

Sur-Tac Gear

  • Certified Cerakote applicator specializing in personalized and custom firearms.

Survivalist Boards

  • Survival gear reviews, survival information.

Survivor’s SKS Boards

  • SKS information.


  • Producer of washable and reusable gun cleaning products.


  • Gun cleaner, gun lubricant.

SWFA Riflescopes

  • Rifle scopes, handgun scopes, spotting scopes.

Swift Bullet Company

  • Hunting bullets.


  • Firearms, ammo, and firearm accessories.

Syrac Ordnance

  • Manufacturer of AR parts including gas blocks, piston kits, and uppers.