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R Bros Rifles

  • Long range precision tactical and hunting rifles.

R&B Rifles

  • Custom rifles, hunting rifles, tactical rifles, sniper rifles.

R&R Targets

  • Custom targets.

R&Z Targets

  • Steel targets, paper targets.

R.G.S. Restorations

  • Gun restoration.

R.L. Wilson Books

  • Firearm books.

R+D Precision

  • Precision gunsmithing.


  • Saiga rifles, Saiga shotguns, Saiga accessories.

RAC Holding Company

  • Gun lock systems, rifle locks, pistol locks.

Radical Firearms

  • A Title II NFA Gun Manufacturer and retail operation with a complete lineup of uppers, rifles, AR Pistols, silencers, and machine guns.

Rainier Arms

  • AR15 parts, AR15 accessories, M16 parts, M16 accessories.

Rainier Ballistics

  • Lead free bullets.


  • Rimfire magazines, 10-22 accessories, rifle stocks, shotgun stocks.

Ramsey Outdoor

  • Reloading supplies, gun accessories, shooting supplies.


  • Reloading powders.

Rancho Safari

  • Ghillie suits.

Range Master

  • Self defense training, self defense equipment.

Range Systems

  • Shoot houses, live fire ranges, target systems.

Range Tool Company

  • Components for the AR15 platform, including upper and lower receivers, bolt carrier groups, and other parts.

Ranger Sales

  • AR15 parts, AR15 kits.

Ransom International

  • Handgun rests, rifle rests, grip inserts, gun work mats.

Rattlesnake Ridge

  • Firearms training located near Clarksville, Tennessee.

Raven Concealment Systems

  • Manufacturer of Kydex holsters, modular magazine carriers, light carriers, knife sheaths, and custom production items.

Ravenwood International

  • A designer and manufacturer of gunstocks and firearm accessories.

Raw Dog Tactical

  • Manufacturer of hybrid IWB holsters made of kydex and leather.

Ray O’Herren Co

  • Supplier of police uniforms and equipment, tactical gear, firearms, and firearm accessories.

Rayburn Law Enforcement Training

  • Law Enforcement Training by Mike Rayburn, firearm training.


  • Scope stands, shooting carts, gun sight tools, gun parts, gun accessories.

Raza Khalid & Co

  • Shooting clothing, paintball clothing.

RB Grips

  • Airgun grips.

RB Precision

  • AR-15 parts, AR-15 accessories.

RBCD Performance Plus

  • Handgun ammunition, rifle ammunition.

RB’s Treasures

  • Firearms, shooting accessories, gun accessories.


  • Reloading equipment, reloading information.


  • Bullet swaging presses.

RDR Holsters

  • Manufacturer of custom molded Kydex holsters, sheaths, and accessories.


  • HK upgrades.

React Gear

  • Tactical gear, weapon accessories.

Ready Shot

  • Laser handgun training systems.

Real Avid

  • Producer of gun maintenance tools.

Recluse Holster

  • Pocket holsters.

Recoil Gunworks

  • A web based retailer of firearms and firearm accessories.

Recon Ordnance

  • Machine guns, military firearms, suppressors, gun parts.

Recon Tactical

  • Tactical gear, gun accessories.

Recover Tactical

  • Producer of grip and rail adapter systems for Beretta and 1911 pistols.

Recreational Software

  • Shooting software, shooting chronographs.

Red Jacket Firearms

  • AK style rifles, AK style shotguns.

Red Rock Arms

  • Tactical rifles, sporting rifles, tactical pistols.

Red Star Arms

  • 10-22 rifle parts, shotgun parts, 1911 pistol parts, AK47 parts, AR-15 parts, gun accessories.

Red Stitch Tactical

  • Manufacturer of rifle and pistol rated steel targets.

Redding Reloading Equipment

  • Reloading equipment.

Redeye Tactical

  • Manufacturer of custom Kydex holsters and accessories.

Rediscovered Shooting Treasures

  • Reproduction firearm manuals, firearm hang tags.

Redman’s Rifling & Reboring

  • Gun barrel relining, gun barrel reboring, gun barrel liners.

Red’s Indoor Range North

  • Shooting range and gunsmith located in Austin, TX.


  • Tactical gear, airsoft gear, paintball gear, military simulation gear.

Reeder Custom Guns

  • Custom firearms, custom revolvers, custom 1911 pistols, custom rifles, custom T/C firearms.

Reed’s Ammunition & Research

  • Custom ammunition, reloading components.

Reed’s Indoor Range

  • Firearms, ammunition, gun accessories, indoor shooting range located in San Jose, CA.

Reign Tactical

  • Designs and manufactures Kydex holsters, sheaths, carriers, and more.

Reload Bench

  • Reloading information.

Reloaders Nest

  • Reloading information.

Reloading Unlimited

  • Ammunition reloading supplies including primers, powders, bullets and more.

Reloading Vault

  • Reloading supplies, reloading equipment, reloading accessories, reloading information.

Remington Arms

  • Shotguns, rifles, muzzleloaders, ammunition.

Remora Holsters

  • No clip holsters.

Renaissance Steel Research – RSR

  • Manufacturer of steel targets.

Replica Guns Swords

  • Blank firing guns, blank gun ammunition, replica guns.

Replica-Blank Guns

  • Authentic blank guns.

Republic Forge

  • Producer of custom 1911 pistols.

Rescomp Handgun Technologies

  • Speed shooting supplies, speed shooting holsters.

Revelation Arms

  • Gunsmithing, machine guns, gun suppressors.


  • Military eyewear, tactical eyewear.

Revolution Stocks

  • Aftermarket stocks for rifles and shotguns.

Revolver Supply

  • Accessories for revolvers, including moon clips, moon clip, moon clip checkers, moon unloaders, revolver sights, and storage.


  • Thompson parts, used guns, handguns, shotguns, rifles, gun magazines, ammunition, AR15 parts, AK47 parts, Class III guns.

Rhino Metals

  • Gun safes.

RhinoVault Security Structures

  • Gun safes, gun vaults.

Richard’s Custom Rifles

  • Custom rifles, varmint rifles, precision rifles, laminated stocks.

Richards Microfit Gunstocks

  • Gun stocks.

Richies Pawn & Gun

  • Ammo, handguns, rifles, shotguns, shooting supplies.

Ricky’s Gun Room

  • Collectors firearms, gun parts.

RICO Tactical

  • Robotic tactical training targets.

Rifenbark Armory

  • Manufacturer of muzzle brakes, AR-15 lower receivers, custom gunsmithing and machining.

Rifle Basix

  • Replacement triggers.

Rifle Dynamics

  • Builder of Kalashnikov platform (AK-47, AK-74, AKM) rifles.

Rifle Scope Store

  • Rifle scopes, pistol scopes.


  • AK parts, AR15 parts, AR15 accessories.

Rifles Only

  • Combat arms training, long distance rifle training, shoot house training.

Right On Targets

  • Paper shooting targets for handgun, rifle, airsoft and paintball enthusiasts.

Rimfire Sports & Custom

  • Rimfire firearms, rimfire accessories.


  • Rimfire shooting information.

Ring’s Manufacturing

  • Firearm simulators, Blue Guns.

Rintoul Enterprises

  • Handgun hunting bullets, rifle bullets.

Rio Ammunition

  • Hunting ammunition, target ammunition.

Rio Grande Custom Grips

  • Custom pistol grips.

RM Equipment

  • 40mm grenade launchers, forward grips.

RM Holster Works

  • Custom Kydex holsters.

RMP Gunworks

  • DuraCoat gun finishing, gunsmithing.

RMS Custom

  • Custom gunstocks, custom gunstock checkering, custom gunsmithing.


  • Custom guns, custom gun finishing.

Robert W. Hart and Son

  • Long range rifles, shooting accessories.

Robinson Armament

  • Modular rifles.

Rock Creek Barrels

  • Rifle barrels, bipods.

Rock Island Auction Company

  • Firearm auctions.

Rock River Arms

  • Custom firearms, gun parts, gun accessories, AR15 parts, AR15 accessories.

Rockwell Arms

  • Guns, gun parts, gun accessories, optics.

Rocky Mountain Clay Sports

  • Trap and skeet shooting systems.

Rocky Mountain Tactical

  • Tactical slings, rifle slings.

Rodgers Pistolsmithing

  • 1911 pistolsmithing.

Rogue Elite

  • Tactical gear, tactical clothing.

Rogue Shooting Targets

  • Manufacturer of AR-500 Steel targets and stands for rifle and pistol shooters.

Rohrbaugh Firearms

  • 9mm semi-automatic pistols.


  • Tactical clothing, military clothing.


  • Manufacturer of aluminum pistol grips for full and compact size 1911 pistols.

Royal Case Company

  • Gun cases.

Royal Tiger Imports

  • Curio and relic firearms, AK47 rifles, AK parts.

Roze Distribution

  • Bullets, ammunition, reloading supplies.

RPS International

  • Precision shooting equipment, rifle accessories, reloading equipment.

RPS Tactical

  • Manufacturer of leather and Kydex holsters, as well as knife sheaths.

RSR Group

  • Wholesale shooting supplies.

Rubber Dummies

  • Self healing 3D torso targets for recreational use and self defense training.


  • Cowboy action shooting supplies, tactical equipment, gun accessories.

Russ Haydon’s Shooters Supply

  • Reloading equipment, bullets, brass gunsmith tools, gun cleaning supplies, gun books, precision shooting accessories, rifle accessories, shooting targets.

Russo Rifle Stocks

  • Custom laminated wood rifle stocks.

Rusty’s Rags

  • Gun cleaning cloths.

RWC Group

  • Importers of Izhmash rifles, Saiga Rifles and Saiga Shotguns.