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M&A Parts

  • AR15 parts, M16 parts, 1911 parts, M1 carbine parts.

M&R Arms Specialties

  • Firearm finishing, gunsmithing.

M.A.H. Supplies

  • Guns and ammunition.

M.D. Smith’s Reloading Pages

  • Reloading data for pistol cartridges and rifle cartridges.

M+M Inc

  • Direct importer and manufacturer of firearms such as SIG SAUER pistols and rifles as well as their proprietary M10-762 semi-automatic AK-type rifle 7.62 x 39.

M-1911 Pistol Organization

  • M1911 pistol information.

Mac Arms

  • Tactical firearms and accessories for the sport shooter, hobbyist, or hunter.

Machine Gun Armory – MGA

  • Modernized and re-engineered belt-fed machine guns.

Machine Gun Vault

  • Machine guns, machine gun accessories, machine gun information, machine gun dealers.

MacKool Firearms

  • Custom rifles, custom handguns, gun restorations.

Macon Gunstocks

  • Gunstocks, rifle stocks, shotgun stocks.

MacTec Enterprises

  • Products for the shooting sports enthusiast. Factory Authorized Dealer for Karl Nill Grips.

Mack Brothers

  • Manufacturer of firearm suppressors.


  • Custom built compensators, muzzle brakes, bolt knobs, and thread protectors.


  • Pistol magazine speed loader.

maglula Ltd

  • Magazine loaders and unloaders for pistol and rifle magazines.


  • Magnetic firearm concealment.

Magnum Research

  • USA based manufacturer and importer of the Desert Eagle pistols, Baby Desert Eagle II pistols, BFR Revolvers, 1911 pistols, Magnum Lite Rimfire and Centerfire Rifles.

Magnus Bullets

  • Hard cast pistol bullets, rifle bullets.

Magpul Industries

  • Rifle stocks, grips, rail accessories, magazines, enhanced trigger guards.


  • Small caliber ammunition.

Mahoning Valley Milling Co

  • New guns, used guns, gun accessories.

Maine Military Supply

  • Military supplies, guns, gun accessories.

Majestic Arms

  • Speed Strip Kits for Ruger .22 Pistols, rifle barrels, gunsmithing.


  • Creators of the TTC-Follower and the “Time to Change” line of magazines.

Maluco Tactical Training

  • Tactical training.

Man at Arms Magazine

  • Antique guns magazine.

Manabout Racks

  • Handgun racks.

Manchester Firing Line Range

  • Indoor shooting range located in Manchester, NH.


  • Target training systems, indoor ranges, outdoor ranges, mobile ranges, tactical ranges.

Manion’s International Auction

  • Firearm auctions.

Manners Composite Stocks

  • Carbon fiber rifle stocks, fiberglass rifle stocks.

Manny USA

  • Gun accessories, firearm training.

Manson Precision Reamers

  • Gunsmithing tools.

Marble Arms

  • Iron gun sights.

MarColMar Firearms

  • Semi-Auto PKM firearms.

Marksman Supplies

  • Target rifle bags, sniper drag bags, range bags, rifle sleeves, shooting mats.

Marlin Firearms

  • Bolt action rifles, lever action rifles, autoloading rifles, shotguns.


  • Firearms, firearm accessories, reloading components.

Martini-Henry Rifles and Carbines

  • Carbines, infantry rifles.

Marvel Precision

  • 22 LR conversions for 1911 handguns.

Maryland Citizens For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

  • Second Amendment supporters.

Maryland State Rifle And Pistol Association

  • Second Amendment supporters, promoters of marksmanship and firearms safety.

Mass Ammo

  • Retail ammunition sales, including ammunition for handguns, rifles, rimfire, and shotguns.

Master Class Stocks

  • Rifle stocks, shooting accessories.

Master of Concealment

  • Concealment holsters, concealment clothing.

MasterPiece Arms

  • Manufacturer of MAC style rifles and pistols.

Mastin Custom Stocks

  • Australian gunsmith, full bore rifle stocks.

Match Grade Machine

  • Custom Thompson Center barrels.

Matched Pairs

  • English shotguns, Scottish shotguns.


  • Hunting rifles.

Max Armory

  • Blank firing replica guns.


  • Revolver speedloaders.


  • Nylon tactical gear.


  • New and used guns, gun accessories.

McCann Industries

  • Rifle scope mounts, custom knives, carbon fiber rifle stocks.

McGee Competition Stocks

  • Handcrafted rifle stocks.

McGowen Precision Barrels

  • Custom rifle barrels, gun pistol barrels, gunsmithing services.


  • Custom rifles, fiberglass stocks, tactical rifle stocks, hunting stocks, benchrest stocks, competition stocks, tactical training, tactical gear.

McRee’s Precision

  • Bolt action rifle accessories.

Meacham Tool & Hardware

  • Custom single shot sporting rifles, reloading tools.

MEC Reloaders

  • Shotshell reloaders, reloading accessories.


  • Handgun magazines, rifle magazines.

MechTech Systems

  • Carbine conversion units for pistols.

Medesha FireArms

  • AR15 rifle products.

Mega Arms

  • Manufacturer of precision AR-15 components.

Mega Sports

  • Indoor shooting range located in Plainfield, IL.

Meggitt Defense Systems

  • Live fire training systems.


  • Firearm optics, military optics.


  • Firearm sights, firearm optics.

Merit Corporation

  • Optical enhancement devices for shooters.

Mernickle Holsters

  • Conceal carry holsters, cowboy action holsters, shoulder holsters.

Merz Antique Firearms

  • Antique firearms, Winchesters.

Mesa Tactical

  • Telescoping stocks, shotshell carriers, magazine clamps, sling loops.

Metal Dog Tactical

  • Tactical equipment, firearm parts, firearm accessories, shooting supplies.

Metalmasters Target Systems

  • Target systems, target backers.

Metals Treatment Technologies – MT2

  • Firing range lead reclamation services.


  • Rifle and pistol accessories, mock silencers.

MG Arms

  • Custom firearms, custom stock work, gunsmithing.

MG Industries – MGI

  • Manufacturer of upgrades for the AR platform, as well as complete rifles.

MGM Targets

  • Steel targets and accesories for the shooting industry.

Michael’s Custom Holsters

  • Custom leather holsters.

Michigan Center Outdoors

  • Trigger shims, gun springs, recoil buffers, 10/22 parts.

Michigan Gun & Knife Shows

  • Michigan gun shows.

MICOR Defense

  • Flash hiders, silencers, .50 caliber bullpups.

Microtech Small Arms Research

  • Bull pup rifles.

Middlepoint Trading

  • Scope covers, rifle action covers.

Mid-Evil Industries

  • Manufacturer of the 360° VFG, a 360 degree adjustable foregrip for sporting rifles and shotguns.

Midsouth Shooters Supply

  • Reloading supplies, shooting supplies, reloading tools, and gun accessories.

Mid-South Tactical Network

  • AR15 accessories, AR15 parts.


  • Reloading supplies, gunsmithing supplies, ammunition, firearm accessories, gun parts.

Midwest Guns

  • New and used guns.

Midwest Industries

  • AR15 rifle accessories, scope mounts, rifle slings, tactical lights.

Midwest Training Group

  • Professional firearms training.

Midwestern Firearms Company

  • Firearms, firearm accessories.

Mighty Mens Gear

  • Custom embroidered SWAT gear, sniper gear, tactical gear.

Mike Ricklefs

  • Custom gun stock painting.

Mike’s Gun Sales and Service

  • Precision rifles, hunting rifles, target rifles, tactical rifles and titanium suppressors.


  • New and used guns, gun accessories, duty gear.

Mil-Comm Products

  • Firearm lubricants, gun care products.

Mile High Shooting Accessories

  • Equipment for long range shooting. Specializing in Accuracy International products.

Miles Tactical

  • Tactical gear, gun cases.


  • Tactical gear, tactical holsters, firearm accessories.

Militant Edge

  • Veteran Owned small business engaging in custom rifles, ammunition, and gear.

Military Outdoor Clothing

  • Military clothing, tactical clothing.

Military Shooters

  • Wholesale ammunition distributors.

Military Trophies

  • Framed weapon plaques.


  • Weapons lubricant, gun oil.

Millett Sights

  • Rifle scopes, scope mounts.


  • Military surplus firearm accessories, shooting supplies.

Milt Sparks Holsters

  • Handcrafted holsters.


  • Vintage military firearms.

Miniature Arms Society

  • Miniature firearm information.

Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association

  • Minnesota weapons collecting information.

Minuteman Munitions

  • Manufacturer of reloaded ammunition.

Mississippi Auto Arms

  • Firearm accessories, Saiga shotgun accessories, Saiga rifle accessories.

Mitch Rosen Gunleather

  • Holsters, gun belts.

Mitchell’s Mausers

  • Historical firearms, modern firearms.

MizMac Designs

  • Women’s shooting vests, shooting shirts, shooting glasses.

Mizzou Mule Guns

  • 10-22 rifle accessories, 1911 accessories.

MLE Shooting Sports

  • Shooting supplies, firearm accessories.

Model 1 Sales

  • M16 parts, AR15 parts.

Model 1911A1

  • 1911 pistol information.

Modern Spartan Systems

  • Gun lubricants and cleaners.

MOJO Sighting Systems

  • Sighting systems for military surplus rifles.

Monkee Ranch Arms

  • Firearms, optics, gun parts and accessories.

Monster Vault

  • Gun safes that go under the bed, or can be mounted in a truck or SUV.

MonsterMan Grips

  • AR rifle grips, AK rifle rifles.

Montana Bullet Works

  • Quality hand-cast bullets, big bore bullets, rifle bullets, pistol bullets.

Montana Gold Bullet

  • Jacketed bullets.

Montana Rifleman

  • Custom rifle barrels, pistol barrels, custom actions.

Montana Vintage Arms

  • Sights for black power cartridge silhouette shooting, black powder accessories, reloading supplies.

Montana X-Treme

  • Gun care products, gun cleaning products.

Montour County Rifles

  • Custom built rifles, shooting accessories.

Mooney’s Firearms

  • AR15 parts, AR15 accessories.

Morris Custom Pistols

  • Custom 1911 pistols.


  • Firearms, shotguns, rifles.

Mountain Home Leather

  • Custom leather holsters, gun rigs, holster accessories.

Mountain States Ammunition

  • New pistol ammo, remanufactured ammo, reloading components.

Mounting Solutions Plus

  • Scope mounts, scope rings, AR15 accessories, M16 accessories, firearm accessories.

MPC Sports

  • Firearm accessories, shooting supplies.


  • Custom rifles, fiberglass stocks.

M-Pro 7

  • Weapon cleaning systems.

MSE Worldwide

  • Gun locking cases, gun safes.

MT Guns

  • Competitive marksmanship equipment.

Mt. Baldy Bullet Company

  • Hand cast bullets.

MTM Case-Gard

  • Ammo boxes, rifle rests, gun cases, gun cleaning supplies.


  • Rifle scopes.

Multi Holsters

  • Custom Kydex holsters.

Musical Targets

  • Manufacturer of music inducing steel targets.

MWG Company

  • Rifle and pistol magazines, high capacity magazines, gun accessories.