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– K –

K.C. Miles Leatherworks

  • Cowboy holsters, cartridge belts, rifle cases.

K.L. Null Holsters

  • Shoulder holsters, belt holsters, IWB holsters, ankle holsters.

K2 Arms

  • Gun accessories and tactical gear.


  • Firearm optics, riflescopes.

Kahr Arms

  • Semi-automatic pistols.

Kalinka Optics

  • Firearm optics, rifle scopes, night vision.

Kangaroo Industries

  • Concealed carry firearm holsters.

Kavod Custom

  • Builder of high-end custom AR-15 rifles.

Keen Sights

  • Aluminum add-on ribs for shotguns.

Keep and Bear Arms – KABA

  • Second Amendment supporters.

Keep Shooting

  • Firearms, firearm accessories, military surplus, ammunition, self defense gear.


  • Precision benchrest rifles, custom rifle actions.

Kel-Tec CNC Industries

  • Manufacturer of pistols, rifles and shotguns.

Kemen Ammunition

  • Shotgun shells.

Ken Arnold Composite Stocks & Accessories

  • Gun stocks, gun accessories.

Ken Farrell

  • Scope mounts, scope rings, rifle products.

Kenco Arms

  • AR-15 rifles, NFA weapons, short barrel weapons, machine guns, suppressors, gunsmithing.

Kent Cartridge

  • Shot shell ammunition.

Kenton Industries

  • Calibrated elevation and windage knobs for riflescopes.

Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed

  • Second Amendment supporters.

Kentucky Gun Company

  • Kentucky based retalier of guns and gun accessories.

Kevin’s Concealment Holsters

  • Manufacturer of wallet holsters and vertical gun packs for concealed carry.

Keyhole Holsters

  • Producer of leather and Kydex holsters.

KG Industries

  • Gun care products, gun cleaning products, gun lubricants.


  • Concealed carry leather and Kydex holsters.


  • Rifle and shotgun recoil pads.

Kidd Innovative Design

  • 10-22 triggers, 10-22 accessories, 10-22 parts.

Kiesler Police Supply

  • Weapons, weapon supplies, weapon accessories, ammunition.


  • Military gear, tactical packs.

Kilimanjaro Rifles

  • Custom hunting rifles.

Killer Innovations

  • Producer of rifle chassis systems and muzzlebrakes, as well as provider CNC machining services and laser engraving for the firearm industry.

Killough Shooting Sports

  • Benchrest shooting supplies.


  • 1911 pistols, rifles, shotguns, firearm accessories.

Kinetic Development Group – KDG

  • Designs and manufactures innovative small-arms accessories.

King Armory

  • Rifle muzzlebrakes, shotgun muzzlebrakes, gun parts.

King Glock

  • Glock parts, Glock accessories.

King’s Arsenal

  • Manufacturer of AR rifles, bolt action rifles, and 1911 style pistols.

Kirkpatrick Leather

  • Duty holsters, shoulder holsters, hunting holsters, gun belts, cowboy holsters.

KKM Precision

  • Custom pistol barrels, Glock barrels, Beretta barrels, 1911 barrels.

Kleen Bore

  • Gun care products.

Knesek Guns

  • Firearms, firearm accessories.

Knight Rifles

  • Muzzleloading rifles, muzzleloading supplies.

Knight’s Armament

  • Weapon systems, firearm suppressors, weapon accessories, firearm optics.

KNJ Holster

  • Nylon holsters, gun cases and range bags.

Knob Creek Gun Range

  • Gun range located in West Point, KY, machine gun shoot, military gun show, firearm forum.

KNS Precision

  • Iron gun sights, gun accessories.

Koko Head Shooting Complex

  • Shooting range in Oahu, Hawaii.

Kolar Arms

  • Competition shotguns.

Kolbeson Leatherworks

  • Handmade custom leather holsters, kydex gun holsters.

Kopter Supply

  • Tactical equipment, firearms, firearm supplies, firearm optics.


  • Revolvers, semi automatic pistols.

KR Training

  • Firearms training school.

Kramer Handgun Leather

  • Revolver holsters, concealment holsters, paddle holsters, 1911 holsters, women’s holsters, shoulder rigs, ammo pouches, cowboy rigs and more.

Krause Books

  • Gun books.

KRC Refinishing

  • Firearm refinishing.

Krebs Custom

  • Custom rifles, custom parts, Class III firearms.

Krieger Barrels

  • Custom rifle barrels, competition rifle barrels, sporting rifle barrels.


  • Competition shotguns, hunting guns.

Kull’s Old Town Station

  • Gun auctions.


  • AK parts, AK accessories.


  • Scope mounts.


  • Designs and manufacturers the KynSHOT line of precision recoil dampers.