Jun 20

Lyman Master Gunsmith Tool Kits In Stock

Lyman Master Gunsmith Tool Kits

Lyman Master Gunsmith Tool Kits Now In Stock!

Lyman’s Master Gunsmith screw driver sets provide all the bits needed by gunsmiths and those who work on firearms. These complete sets come with bits for slotted screws, hex screws, 6-lobe screws, and Phillips screws; in addition to an assortment of specialty bits. The specialty bits include a Weaver scope ring bit, Glock front sight bit, 1911 grip bushing bit, as well as .062″, .093″ and .118″ pin punches. The set includes a ratchet wrench so that maximum torque can be applied to those tough-to-remove screws. The slotted screw bits are hollow ground, so they properly fit screw slots and prevent cam-out which creates ugly, damaged screw slots. The sets are packed in hard plastic cases for convenient storage. Kits are available in both 45 and 68 piece sets.


Lyman Master Gunsmith Tool kit 45 Pieces (#7991360) MSRP:$44.98

Lyman Master Gunsmith Tool Kit 68 Pieces (#7991361) MSRP: $59.98